Beating the Heat while Traveling in Europe

Florence Greeter LivTours beating the summer heat with a sunhat and sun umbrella in Italy

Fa Caldo! It’s Hot 🥵

European heat waves are breaking records and even when there isn’t a heat wave, traveling in Europe during the summer can get hot. When touring, you will most likely be outside and walking more than you are accustomed to. Following these tips and tricks, even when the weather isn’t record-setting, should help you stay more comfortable.

We want our travelers to have the best and safest experience possible, so here are some tips and tricks from our experienced guides on how to beat summer heat in Europe:

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion

  • Conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit can be confusing. Here’s an easy trick: take the temperature in Celsius, double it and add 32 to get an approximate temperature in Fahrenheit. 39° C = (39 x 2) + 32 = 110° F
    • It’s not perfectly exact, but it gives you a good idea of how hot it will feel with the humidity and sun.

Staying Hydrated

  • Hydrate! Still water (“acqua naturale”) or sparkling water (“acqua frizzante”/ “aqua gassata”) is readily sold in shops and cafes, usually in 1.5L or 0.5L bottles. *Note: museums will only allow bottles that are half liter aka 0.5L or smaller inside.
    • Reusable bottles are great too, as the tap water in Italy is safe to drink, but keep in mind public fountains are not always readily available.
water bottles are for sale on almost every block in European cities

Hats, Sun Umbrellas, Fabrics to Stay Cool

  • While it’s true Italians dress to impress, it’s more important to dress for the weather. Natural fabrics that breathe and light colors are best.
    • Hats are a great idea too! There are loads of local vendors that sell all different types for men, women, and kids and they make a great keepsake.
    • If hats are not your thing, grab an umbrella for shade. The same vendors that sell hats will oftentimes sell reasonably priced, small umbrellas too.
sun hats for sale Europe

What to Wear in European Churches

  • Speaking of what to wear, take note: European churches will require proper dress code. This means shoulders, midriffs, and knees should be covered for both men and women; and men should remove their hats before entry. They are especially strict about the dress code at the Vatican.
    • Museums do not adhere to these same dress codes, but Italians in general tend to be a bit more covered up, even in the summer.


  • Wear sunscreen! Especially if you’re taking one of our walking tours. “Crema solare,” in Italian, it’s sold in all pharmacies and the name brands are easily recognizable.
    • Make sure to get SPF 50+ and reapply multiple times a day.
sun block for sale pharmacies Europe

Still Planning?

Early morning and sunset walking tours are a good way to avoid the most intense heat of the day, so consider booking a walking tour during a time of day when it will be cooler. We hope this information helps and we can’t wait to see you in Italy this summer! For more information on keeping your cool in hot weather, check out the CDC’s website.

Finally, if you haven’t yet booked your travel and you’re not constrained by things like kid’s school schedules, consider booking during shoulder or low season. We’ve written about when to go to Paris and when to visit Seville and the short version is: these wonderful cities are marvelous year round, it just depends what you, as a traveler, are looking to experience.