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Sicily delights and surprises, offering well-preserved ancient Greek temples and Roman gladiator stadiums side by side with an abundance of Baroque architecture. With LivTours' experiences discover the baroque towns of Noto, Siracusa and Catania, hike Mt. Etna, and witness the ruins in Agrigento's Valley of the Temples.

Our tours

agrigento tour private

339 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 2 hrs 1

Private Valley of the Temples Agrigento Tour

Step back in time and explore the spectacular Valley of the Temples with a private guide on this 5-star Agrigento tour.

taormina tour private

349 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 3 hrs 2

Private Taormina Tour | City Highlights Walk

Enjoy a magnificent guided walk through a well preserved ancient Greek theater & the historic town with your private Taormina Tour.

catania tour private

369 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 2 hrs 1

Private Catania Tour | City Highlights Walk

Discover the historic city, the Catania cathedral, remains of an Ancient Roman arena & more with this fully guided private Catania tour!

syracuse sicily tour private

449 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 4 hrs 1

Private Syracuse Sicily Tour | Half Day Experience

Explore magnificent Syracusa archeological site & historic Ortygia with this fully guided private Syracusa Sicily tour. 5-star guides!

Mount Etna_Sicily private

699 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 7 hrs 2

Private Mount Etna Tour with Wine Tasting

Climb Mt Etna with a certified Etna mountaineer and celebrate your efforts with aperitif and local wine on this guided Mount Etna tour!

syracuse and noto private

999 €

From | 2 pax | All-incl

Sicily 8 hrs 1

Syracuse and Noto Tour | Full Day Private Experience

Enjoy a fully guided private tour of 2 historic towns & Syracuse archeological site with chauffeured service on this Syracuse and Noto Tour.