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Valley of the Temples
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LivTours’ Agrigento Tour takes you to see by far the most well preserved Greek temples in Italy and the best way to see this vast archeological wonder is with an expert guide by your side. This full-day tour gives you a comprehensive overview of the Valley of the Temples – once home to the third-largest city in the Greek world with an estimated population of between 200,000 and 800,000 in 46BC.

When Plato visited, he saw the high standard of living that the inhabitants enjoyed and remarked that they build like they intend to live forever, yet eat like this is their last day.  This private tour will take you to the main and most well-preserved temples of the area, and transport you back in time thousands of years. This is an absolute must-visit for anyone visiting Sicily who would like to explore one of its most prized treasures.


  • Take a step back in time to one of the world's largest Greek cities in Sicily
  • Admire stunning top to bottom views of the ancient world's Temple of the Valleys
  • Soak up the blue sea and the beauty of natural Sicily a constant backdrop
  • Swim in the breathtaking waters of the Scala dei Turchi rocky cliffs

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Your LivTours Private Agrigento Tour begins by meeting your local private guide who will share with you the historic importance of this ancient city.  With your guide’s vibrant descriptions, you can imagine just what life was like thousands of years ago when this city was lined with seven miles of fortified wall to protect the Valley of the Temples.

You and your guide will take a small hike to the stunning first stop – the Temple of Juno offering amazing views of the rest of the ancient town and temples below with the Mediterranean as the backdrop.  Sure to be one of the highlights of your Sicilian stay, you will discover how this 450BC Doric temple, not dedicated to the God Juno, was actually misnamed!  The six standing columns will give you an idea of the importance of Ancient Greece at its height of its reign.

A stroll down the hill from these archeological ruins will take you to the most well preserved temple in the valley, the Temple of Concordia. Your private guide will tell you about its many uses throughout history and its prominence in the Roman Empire.  You will continue to the Villa Aurea, the next stop on your tour, where you will enter the manicured gardens and learn about Alexander Hardcastle. A wealthy and prominent English archeologist whose kind generosity aided in the excavations of so many of the surrounding temples. Walk through Hardcastle’s lush gardens and imagine living in this oasis in the middle of the Valley of the Temples.

Next it is on to the Temple of Heracles, one of the much loved heroes of Greek mythology. This is considered the most ancient of the temples of Agrigento. Admired by Roman emperors such as Commodus and Maximian, Heracles or Hercules depending on your spelling, was known for his extraordinary strength and this temple pays tribute to just that. One of the highlights of the tour is sure to be the Temple of Castor and Pollux, with four columns and numerous statues still intact, has become the visual symbol of Agrigento.


At an additional cost, you can choose to be picked up by a private chauffeur driver from Palermo, Catania or Syracuse and drive to this city in pure comfort, eliminating the need to navigate the Sicilian roads on your own. If you choose a pick up service, you can also make a bonus stop stop at the famed Scala dei Turchi if you wish, for no extra cost. This cliff of limestone rock formation has over the years formed a type of “staircase” hence its Italian name of “Turkish staircase”.

If you choose the addition of a driver to and from your hotel, your driving will be waiting for you at the entrance of your hotel. They will bring you to the Valley of the Temples, and then, after your tour, you can relax in your luxury car as you drive to an absolute visual natural masterpiece – the Scala dei Turchi. If weather permits, bring along a bathing suit and take a quick dip in the crystal clear, cool sea among the many other tourists and Italians who spend their sea vacation getaways here. It is picture perfect for a few quick snapshots before being chauffeured back to your hotel.


  • Guided tour of Valley of the Temples
  • Temple of Juno
  • Temple of Concordia
  • Villa Aurea & gardens
  • Temple of Heracles
  • Temple of Castor and Pollux

  • Offered in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Please specify under “Additional notes” if you wish to book the tour in a language other than English.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This tour has light hiking and is designed to walk the Valley of the Temples from top to bottom. If you have trouble with light hiking please state it in the “Additional Notes” when booking and we will accommodate with a change in itinerary using a local mini train for small portions of the tour.

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  • Breathtaking experience!

    If you are going to Sicily, you MUST book LivTour's tour of Agrigento. The ancient Greek temples there are absolutely breathtaking and amazingly well-preserved. We were truly transported back in time thanks not to just the beauty and fascination of the area but also because our guide, Sofia, was so well prepared and a fabulous story teller! Our day in Agrigento will remain a wonderful memory for each one of us!!

    - Ingrid
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