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Piazza Duomo
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syracuse sicily tour

LivTours’ Private Syracuse Sicily Tour is the perfect way to discover the beauty, history, and culture of one of the most enchanting cities in Sicily. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the historic center of Syracuse, Ortygia; rich in history, it dates back 2700 years. Your tour also includes a visit to the Archeological Park of Syracuse to explore the natural wonders which attract travelers from near and far.

Since 2005, the entire city of Syracuse has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Cathedral of Syracuse at its core. Admire the 12th-century marble baptism basin and stunning altar canopy.


  • Revel in the luxury of a comprehensive private half day tour with an expert guide
  • Soak up the history of Syracuse's highlights which span over 3000 years of history
  • Explore the Temple of Apollo, Piazza Duomo, Archimedes Square & much more
  • Discover the history of the Neapolis Archeological Park & admire its beauty
  • Stroll through history at the ancient Greek Theater which is still in use today

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Your LivTours private Syracuse Sicily Tour starts when you meet your local expert guide who will start off by giving you a quick introduction about your tour. Amongst other things, you will learn about the many historic names that are native to Syracuse such as famed mathematician Archimedes and Saint Lucia, a Roman martyr.  Take a moment to marvel at the first landmark – Temple of Apollo. Dating all the way back to 6BC, this structure is certainly one of the most significant in Syracuse. In the company of your pirate guide, you will stroll along the magical streets which have stood for thousands of years, before arriving at the grand Piazza Duomo – Cathedral Square, the perfect example of Baroque architecture at its finest. Your guide will entertain you with anecdotes and the history related to the Syracuse Cathedral under Bishop Zosimo in the 7th century and see layers upon layers of history with remnants of past structures such as the roof from Norman times.

Your private half-day tour of Syracuse continues as you discover Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, a breathtaking palace built during the Middle Ages for a local family known as the Arezzo family. Having suffered sweeping remodeling, it was rebuilt in Sicilian Baroque style, an inspiration to architects throughout the world.  As you continue your stroll, you will explore one of the most important religious sites in Sicily – the Basilica of Santa Lucia.  Dedicated to the patron Saint Lucia whose remains lay in this very spot, and whose piety inspired Caravaggio to paint the Burial of Santa Lucia.

Your private guide will share with you some of the most important highlights of the city, which includes the Fountain of Arethusa, a simple yet stunning work of public art which is often mentioned throughout literature due to its uniqueness. This natural spring gets its name from a Greek myth which tells the tale of Arethusa who escaped from her home of Arcadia under the sea, only to emerge in this very spot.

Just around the corner is the Jewish Quarter where your guide will help you discover the narrow streets which once held a third of the population of Syracuse.  The Roman influence on this historic architecture can clearly be seen and is characterized by charming interior courtyards with fruit trees which still stand today. Your private tour will now take you to one of the most popular squares of the city, Archimedes Square.  In the center of the square, you will find the charming neoclassical fountain that was inaugurated in 1878 and dedicated to one of the greatest minds in the world – Archimedes, a native of this very territory.

After you have explored the historic center of Syracuse, your tour continues as your private chauffeured car whisks you and your guide to The Neapolis Archeological Park of Syracuse. You will enjoy LivTours’ priority access into this breathtaking lush gem.  The Greek Theater, dating back to the 5th century BC, is one of the must-see attractions of the park.  The park is one of the most important archeological sites of the ancient world and, should you be visiting in the warmer months, you can catch a live show here in the evening, as it is still an active theater venue! Soak up the spectacular sea view, the same view which was once cherished by over 15,000 spectators in its heyday. Your guide will make sure you see the stunning Roman counterpart to this theater – The Roman Theater.

Coming to the end of your tour, it is time to jump into nature by visiting the Ear of Dionysius, whose name was coined by famous the many tales and legends that have emerged over the years about this natural wonder, one of which is how the tyrant Syracuse, Dionysius used this as a prison for dissidents, so its echo allowing them to spy on prisoners.

This is the perfect half day tour to get an extensive overview of this wonderful historic city!


  • Fully guided tour of Syracuse
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Piazza Duomo
  • Syracuse Cathedral
  • Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco
  • Basilica of Santa Lucia
  • Caravaggio’s Burial of Santa Lucia
  • Fountain of Arethusa
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Neapolis Archeological Park of Syracuse
  • Ancient Greek temple of Syracuse
  • Ear of Dionysius

  • Offered in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Please specify under “Additional notes” if you wish to book the tour in a language other than English.
  • Comfortable walking shoes recommended.

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  • Loved every minute

    We loved our visit to Syracuse and feel that LivItaly's tour really made the experience special for us. There is so much to see, so many years of history, so many different types of art and archtecture. We would have been completely overwhelmed if not for our guide Salvatore who was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We loved every minute of this tour!

    - Jennifer
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