Best Parks in Barcelona

The list of parks and squares filled with outdoor cafes and shady trees  are endless, but here’s a quick guide to the best parks in Barcelona with their kid, picnic, exercise, instagramableness, and location friendly ratings. Ciutadella One of the city’s best parks, the Ciutadella is conveniently located between the… Read More

When will I be able to visit Notre Dame?

The world watched as the beloved Cathedral of Paris caught on fire in April 2019, and while it is a miracle that so much of the building survived, the 19th-century spire and all of the 13th-century roof has been lost forever. French President Emanuel Macron has set an end goal… Read More

How did Julius Caesar die?

The most famous Roman of all time, Gaius Julius Caesar, was assassinated in 44 BC on March 15. The day is also known as the Ides of March. His assassination remains one of the most speculated murders of history. The main reason behind the murder was that he became the… Read More

10 Secrets you didn´t know about Gladiators

We all know about Roman Gladiators and how they fought for the pleasure of the emperors and the people. But there are certain things not everyone knows about them. Here are 10 secrets about gladiators you may not know.  1) The biggest bloodbath ever recorded  The biggest bloodbath ever recorded… Read More

The David; Michelangelo vs. Bernini

Michelangelo and Bernini, two of the most famous Italian artists both made sculptures of the biblical David fighting against Goliath. But how come the two artworks are so different from each other even though they depict the same character from the famous biblical story? The answer to this question has… Read More

Why is Rome called Rome?

Have you ever wondered why Rome is called Rome? It’s believed that the origin of the name Roma comes from the legend of Romulus and Remus. You might have seen an image of a wolf suckling two babies during your visit to Rome and wondered the meaning behind it. It’s… Read More

10 most Instagrammable spots in Barcelona

Barcelona is such a picturesque city that no matter where you go you are sure to fill your Instagram feed with lots of great memories.  Here is our list of the best Instagrammable spots in Barcelona: Beaches The three kilometers of beaches in Barcelona are facing east and your best… Read More

Things to do with children in Barcelona

If you’re a parent and planning on coming to Barcelona with your family you might already be sweating the dreaded ´What are we going to do now?´ question. Sure you’re going to see the city and enjoy the sights, but you’ll undoubtedly be working in time to kick back and… Read More

Most Instagram-able spots in Paris

Paris is beautiful. You know this. It seems people are almost incapable of saying its name without proceeding to tell you about its beauty. From its elegant cafe corners to its tree-lined boulevards. Each winding street, balcony clad apartment and perfectly pruned park is more photogenic than the last. While… Read More

The Trinacria, the symbol of Sicily

Found on the Sicilian flag, hung outside Sicilian homes and businesses, and sold in trinket form in the streets of Sicily is the mysterious Trinacria: the symbol of Sicily. Three bent legs likely belonging to a woman, protrude from the head of hideous mythological gorgon Medusa. Venomous snakes grow from… Read More