Pasta Alla Norma: The Story Behind The Famous Sicilian Dish.

Whenever you think of Italy, the first thing comming to mind for most tourists to be, is either History or PASTA! Italy is famous for its traditional and delish cuisine. Mainly because we are TOP ONE makers of fresh pasta. There are more than 400 shapes of pasta (that… Read More

Eurochocolate is just few weeks away

If you were impressed looking at the marble sculptures placed all over Rome, then imagine watching a live artistic performance of chocolate sculpting by world’s famous chocolate masters. That’s right. Every year, Italy hosts an entire festival called EUROCHOCOLATE, unquestionably, the biggest festival in Europe. Thousands of visitors come… Read More

Modena: A Shot of Inspiration

If you are visiting Bologna and decided to stretch your trip about 40 km north-west, you will eventually meet Modena. An enchanting and remarkable town with rich history and some really charming sights. For history lovers, foodies, art lovers, and sports car enthusiasts alike, Modena is the perfect place… Read More

Why was Queen Elizabeth II so loved by the world?

It was my first week working for LivTours. I was in Rome, waiting for a bus to go back to the apartment when the headline: “The Queen has died” popped into my timeline. The news hit the world a week ago, on the 8th of September, 2022. It’s quite… Read More

The BEST times to visit the Vatican

A trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Vatican Museums. For the uninitiated, the Vatican Museums is one of the largest and most sophisticated collections of art in the world. Any tour guide will tell you, “You could spend a month exploring the museums and still… Read More

Baroque geniuses you need to know about

For the uninitiated, “baroque” refers to the art period following the Renaissance. After the Protestant Reformation, Catholics at the Council of Trent decided what art would be. The art that followed is the Baroque. As far as sculptors go, there are two in particular that you need to know: Gian… Read More

Public transportation in Rome: A crash course

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Achieving that well earned R&R is difficult in your first few days abroad, especially when you have to drop cash on a taxi every time you want to go somewhere. (Believe me––walking from the Colosseum to the Vatican will be more pain than it’s… Read More

The most Instagramable views in Rome

Rome is filled with Instagramable material. We’ve seen the Trevi Fountain posts and the people lined up on the wall by the Colosseum to get the best view. But, what if you’re dying to get that Rome skyline? We’ve got you covered. Our top five lookout spots are: Aventine… Read More

Your official guide to macarons in Paris

Paris provides all kinds of delicate joys unlike any other place in the world. Crepes, eclairs, and croissants galore, to name a few! Perhaps, above all, guests seek out the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth token of sweetness that is the macaron. So, as traveling begins to reopen for this glorious summer season,… Read More

Six MUST SEE statues when in Rome

Rome is filled with breathtaking and historical art pieces, top to bottom. But when you finally arrive on Roman soil, it might feel overwhelming. What museums, what churches, what piazzas and fountains are you supposed to see and when? Well, to quench your thirst for classical statues, we have compiled… Read More