Your official guide to macarons in Paris

Paris provides all kinds of delicate joys unlike any other place in the world. Crepes, eclairs, and croissants galore, to name a few! Perhaps, above all, guests seek out the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth token of sweetness that is the macaron. So, as traveling begins to reopen for this glorious summer season,… Read More

Six MUST SEE statues when in Rome

Rome is filled with breathtaking and historical art pieces, top to bottom. But when you finally arrive on Roman soil, it might feel overwhelming. What museums, what churches, what piazzas and fountains are you supposed to see and when? Well, to quench your thirst for classical statues, we have compiled… Read More

Hidden spots in London you MUST visit

Adventures are always better when they’re spent in unique, one-of-a-kind spots that make for a truly unforgettable experience. When traveling to London, maybe the London Eye or Big Ben come to mind. Baker Street, Regent Street, Abbey Road, and all the other famous pop culture roads might also pique interests. Read More

New discoveries at Pompeii teach of ancient life

“The excavations [at Pompeii] which they’re doing now are the biggest in at least 50 years,” says British School of Rome Archaeology Officer Stephen Kay. Despite its initial discovery being as long ago as 1748, the ancient city of Pompeii is under constant excavation. Everyone knows the story of the… Read More

Necessary updates to the epic rebuilding of Notre-Dame

Since the detrimental fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral three years ago, concentrated effort has gone into preserving the stability of the twelfth century monument. People from all over the world donated an accumulated 1 billion euros for the project. Reconstruction began in September of last year. Photo taken during the… Read More

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Who were the six wives of Henry VIII? He became one of Britain’s most famous monarchs. Egotistical, paranoid and desperate for a male heir, he broke with the Catholic church, made himself the head of the English Church, killed his friends who wouldn’t support him or couldn’t give him what… Read More

4 Roman pasta dishes you must try

Every Italian region and city has its own recipes. In the capital, traditional Roman pasta dishes are popular with locals and tourists alike. Here are four of our top recommendations to try on your next visit: Carbonara Think you know Carbonara? If you haven’t been to Italy before, chances are… Read More

Napoleon’s Art Looting

Although many of you probably know Napoleon Bonaparte as the first emperor of France and one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen, but did you know that he was also an art thief? International art thief Some say that looting was just a byproduct of war back… Read More

Italian Public Holidays and Celebrations

Lucky Italians enjoy 12 public holidays a year and many other celebrations. As well as Christmas and Easter, there are also many other unique religious and non-religious holidays celebrated all over Italy! Here are just a few of our favorites: Carnevale (date differs each year) Celebrating Carnevale in St. Mark’s… Read More

Questions visitors ask about the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited tourist attraction in Europe and a symbol of romance around the world. But it didn’t start out that way. There’s a lot more to know about Paris’ iconic monument. Here our local guides answer the questions visitors ask most often about the Eiffel… Read More