The most Instagramable views in Rome

Rome is filled with Instagramable material. We’ve seen the Trevi Fountain posts and the people lined up on the wall by the Colosseum to get the best view. But, what if you’re dying to get that Rome skyline? We’ve got you covered. Our top five lookout spots are:

  1. Aventine Hill
  2. Janiculum Hill
  3. Castel Sant’Angelo
  4. Victor Emmanuel Monument
  5. Gardens of Villa de Medici
  6. Monte Mario

Monte Mario

This hill is one of the most lush and scenic hills in Rome. It is also the highest, getting you roughly 140 meters up. Located just north of the Vatican, this hill is a well kept secret. Whether you hike or take a taxi or bus, the top of the hill has a park fit to relax and enjoy the view. 

The tallest hill in Rome offers an unforgettable sunset!

For a specific spot, find what locals call “Lo Zodiaco,” also sometimes called “the path of lovers.” This particular lookout has everything. You can see most historical monuments, the Alban hills, and even certain peaks of the Apennines. Because it isn’t one of the Seven Hills, Monte Mario provides a less crowded lookout experience. This is absolutely worth it when you have a free afternoon.

Gardens of Villa Medici

Villa Medici is the incredible mannerist vacation home of Ferdinando I de’Medici, once a Grand Duke of Tuscany. The iconic property now houses French art students with the French Academy in Rome. Tickets to the beautiful Villa are available online with flexible hours. 

The classic Villa de Medici is Instagramable in itself. Walk past that left wall to reach the outlook.

The garden, which is free to explore (and filled with peacocks), has a beautiful lookout. In order to get to the Villa, you climb the iconic Spanish Steps. At the top, turn left and continue up the hill to the Villa. What this means: You’re getting an even better Rome view from the garden then you would on the Spanish Steps. 

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

On your way to the Colosseum, stop in Piazza Venezia and enjoy the massive landmark that is the Victor Emmanuel II Monument. The space is filled with beautiful sites such as the Altar of the Fatherland (containing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the statue of the goddess Roma). The fountains of the two seas adorn each side of the monument.  

See the massive equestrian statue up close!

Climb the main white staircases as far as they’ll take you, and you will soon arrive on the terrace of the equestrian statue of Victor Emannuel II. From here, enjoy a magnificent and historical view of Rome from just beyond the Roman Forum. For a higher view, continue up the staircase to the shelf above. 

Castel Sant’Angelo

It’s not everyday you find yourself inside the walls of a real life castle! The castle was originally built as a mausoleum to Emperior Hadrien and his family. But, it served as a fortress to protect the Pope during both World Wars and the Sack of Rome. 

Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the most iconic places in all of Rome.

Tickets are € 15.00 and can be bought at the castle’s entrance on the day of. Climb the castle to the Papal apartments and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views the city has to offer. The castle lets you experience a different side of Rome than some of the other views on our list. Take pictures and enjoy from the comforts of classical frescos, lush architecture, and of course––the luxury of castle life. 

Janiculum Hill

The Janiculum Hill is the second tallest hill in Rome, but the hike will be well worth the work. Enjoy a Baroque fountain from the seventeenth century, and a unique view throughout your walk. If you happen to be there at noon, get to witness the century old tradition of the midday cannon. Everyday to announce the dawning of noon, Romans fire a cannon toward the Tiber River.

Fun fact: the daily noon cannon was once held at Castel Sant’Angelo.

Aventine Hill

Perhaps the most beloved Roman view is the orange gardens on Aventine Hill. Explore the signature orange trees with a perfect backdrop of the dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Most Romans prefer the view at dawn or dusk, since the beautiful colors of sunrise and sunset make it all the more worth it.

This picture is just a taste of the orange gardens’ beauty.

Walk around the park and you’ll come to Piazza of the Knights of Malta. This PIazza houses the Villa del Priorato di Malta and one of Rome’s most beautiful secrets. Peek in the keyhole on the front door of the house for one of the most perfect views of Rome. It’s completely incomparable to anything else on this list, and so worth the adventure. 

What is your favorite thing on this list? Enjoy exploring Rome and elevating your Instagram game!