Spas in Rome and Roman Baths

When in Rome do as the Romans do: go to a bathhouse, a so-called ‘terme,’ and relax at one of the natural spas in Rome. Especially during the cold and humid season the dampness of the Eternal City can feel as thought it is sinking into your bones. Therefore, there is nothing more lovely than to visit a Roman bath and treat oneself for an authentic Roman bath.

Roman baths have a ritual and a procedure that can differ from place to place. Whichever bath you visit the primary focus will be on the different methods of experiencing the water: whether it is through a differentiation of temperature, from a cold bath to a hot shower, or high-pressured shower and saunas. The treatments and the warmth of the water will make for an enjoyable and healthful experience. ‘

Various Types of Roman Baths in Rome

Hammam Baths in Rome

There are different kinds of baths in Rome. For example, Hammam baths usually consist of a predictable experience: washing, steam room, body scrub, and a final cooling bath. This is a procedure that is similar to how the Ancient Romans used to bathe. They visited rooms that gradually got increasingly hotter and finished it all with a cooling bath. The Hammam treatment is beneficial both for your body and mind. This is a fantastic way to awaken your mind and body!

Typical Bathhouses in Rome

The other kind of baths are more similar to international bathhouses but with more options. They have, for example saunas, steam rooms, showers to increase blood circulations, and cooling baths/ cold plunges. Stand under an artificial waterfall and let the water jets massage your neck and back or enjoy a Roman foot bath. Whichever bathhouse or ‘terme’ you decide to visit, you can be sure you will be leaving it relaxed and a little bit more Roman.

Bathhouses in and around Rome

QC Terme (Fiumicino)

QC Terme is one of our favorite bathhouses in Rome; it is clean, chic, and offers a fantastic lunch. This is a big complex and they have everything from outdoor pools (which are heated during the winter) to waterfalls and multiple saunas. The reading and relaxing section is wonderful. They invite you to sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy some tea or lay down in the big reading room. If you are willing to travel outside of Rome for your spa/bathhouse experience, this is the one we highly recommend. There is even a hotel on site if you decide to truly treat yourself. Note: you will need a car to get here.

Aqua Madre (Jewish Ghetto – Downtown Rome)

Aqua Madre is one of our absolute favorite places in Rome. This is the perfect bath for a little ‘me time.’ It is a small and quite ‘Hammam,’ so bigger parties are not recommended. It is a clean and high quality spot and they have friendly staff who speak English well. A body scrub is included (for which you are required to purchase their scrubbing gloves, but they are yours to keep/bring to your next visit).

Terme di Stigliano (Canale Monterano)

Terme di Stigliano is a marvelous place with a spa and a terme in addition to a 4-star hotel. You will need a car to get here since it is 1.5 hour drive away from Rome but it is so worth the trip. There property includes a Spa Garden which contains several outdoor pools and terme. They even have a dog spa! Please note, as mentioned above, you will have to have a car to get to this place.

Terme di Papi (Viterbo)

Terme di Papi is located in Viterbo, which is about a 90 minute drive from Rome. This place is amazing. Not only is the spa located in a historical surrounding but it has an extremely large, heated outdoor pool (2000 square meters). This is the perfect place for a getaway weekend or just for one night with your loved one.

Natural Hot Springs Around Rome & Tuscany

Terme also mean a natural hot spring. These can be found around Rome and Tuscany, and if you are lucky you can even find one hidden in the forest. The hot water emerges from the ground and has naturally been heated by the heat from the earth’s mantel. The temperature can differ but it usually gets between 95 -104 °F (35-40°C). One of the most well known baths in the region includes the Cascate del Mulino aka Saturnia Hot Springs. There are plenty of hotels and spas nearby but it is possible to access the waterfall hot springs (with no facilities) for free. You will need a car for this adventure!

In our opinion, a terme is a great way to recovering from a day or two of vigorous touring. If you need helping planning your experience or getting from one place to another, be sure to email us @ info @ and we can recommend an itinerary that helps you mix culture and history with relaxation!