Nude Beaches in Italy

When you think about Italy, you may think of beautiful Italian coastal beaches with picturesque hidden coves. But what you might not know is that there is nearly one nude beach in every coastal city in Italy. Italians hold very progressive views about nudity and sex, much more than Americans, especially when it comes to sunbathing in the buff, so it’s not that surprising that they are happy to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear beaches au natural.

The stereotypical scene of an Italian beach in the summer is beautiful men and women jumping around in the smallest bathing suits they can find into crystal clear waters. Well… this is often the case.

Typical Italian Beachwear for Men and Women

The typical beach attire of choice for men, young and old are swim briefs or speedos. You will find younger men in board shorts, but these have only properly been introduced as of recently. The typical beach attire for women is the two piece or bikini. You will almost never see a woman on an Italian beach wearing shorts into the sea. Even one piece swimsuits are not very common. The bikini is their go to beach item, no matter the age or size. And, although it may seem risky in other countries, it is very normal to go topless while sunbathing because at the end of the day there’s nothing quite like getting a tan without those tan lines.

A Brief Explanation of Nude Beaches in Italy

Though topless tanning is the norm on most beaches throughout Italy, there can be a small issue if you want to go completely naked as this is usually restricted to certain areas of the beach. Nude tanning has been common in Italy for many years, in was only made officially legal in 2006, with a legislation that was passed to create designated public nudist beaches, with obvious signs and indications to show you where they are. There are now many beaches designated specifically to nudists, with nearly one in every coastal city.

Capocotta Beach, Lido Di Ostia | Nude Beach near Rome

One of the more popular nude beaches in Italy, beside Rome is Capocotta Beach. Although the beach has been used by nudists for over 30 years, it wasn’t until 2000 where the locals designated a special section to naturists. This beach is located on the South coast of Rome between Ostia and Torvaianica.

The beach itself is very unique as it is located within the Nature Reserve on the Roman Coastal area which gives you a beautiful unspoiled view of the translucent blue sea. Although the beach is picturesque with the soft golden sand, if you look behind there are striking dune formations that have taken over the landscape. There is a dedicated nude beach section within the 250 meter beach in the Liyornea/Varchi stop where you will find lots of useful kiosks and facilities.

Acquarilli Beach | Black Sand Beach on Elba Island, Tuscany

A particularly unique beach in Italy for tanning naked, with black sand and black shingle, is Acquarilli Beach on Elba Island in Tuscany. When you arrive at the car park on the hill there is a breathtaking view overlooking the clear blue water at the beach. As there’s no facilities at all and the beach can be difficult to get to because of the steep pathway it means that the beach can be less busy than other areas of the island.

The secluded nature of the beach allows it to be a perfect place for nudists to feel free to do as they please in a beautiful uninterrupted beach. The view from the beach itself also has a very special feel to it overlooking the Capoliveri coastline until the small island of Gemini opposite.

Guvano Beach | Stunning Cinque Terre Nude Beach

Located in the gorgeous area of Liguria, just between Corniglia and Vernazza, Guvano Beach is truly a hidden gem in the middle of a seaside village already known for its stunning beauty.

Guvano Beach is the perfect spot to sunbathe in the buff and offers discrete isolation, so much so that you will need to get there by light hike and cross a small, deserted railway tunnel. It’s worth the walk!

Laguna Dell’isola Del Mort, Lido Di Venezia | Nude Beach near Venice

Just close to the beautiful canals of Venice, you can find the Lido di Venezia. A quick train ride away, this beach spans 7 miles long and includes a small stretch dedicated to nudists. The small designated area is called Laguna dell’Isola del Mort and is perfect for perfect tanners.

A day at Lido di Venezia and an evening of dinner and drinks in Venice city is the perfect way to spend any day in Italy.

Spiaggia Del Troncone | Hidden Nude Beach in Palinuro

In the southern side of Italy beside Palinuro lies another unique nudist beach, Spiaggia Del Troncone. This 400m nude beach, hidden by the ridges of the rocks has three bays; a very small one that fits only a group of people, another larger one that can hold 20 people and then the largest one which can accommodate around 150 people.

The area itself is surrounded by the National park of Cilento and Vallo Di Diano, a UNESCO world heritage site, gives it an amazing view while also being secluded.

Other notable nude beaches in Italy:

Bibbona beach,Tuscany
Nido dell’aquila, San Vincenzo (Livorno)
Spiaggia del troncone, just outside Palinuro
Lido di morge, Coast of Abruzzo
Costa Dei Barbari,  Friuli-Venezia Giulia, just outside of Trieste
Bassona beach, Emilia Romagna in the South of Ravenna