12 Homes of Celebrities in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is known for its fashion, vineyards, architecture, and cuisine. While in Italy, you can visit Venice, the city of canals, or you can visit Rome and see where the gladiators fought. In fact, numerous celebrities throughout the world have chosen to live in Italy or have a 2nd home in the country. Here are some celebrities in Italy and where they have their homes.

Donatella Versace | Milan

Situated in Milan, this famous fashion designer lives in a gorgeous two-floor apartment. It is decorated with lively colors, antiques, and paintings. As what you would expect from a fashion designer, she added her own flair and style.

Madonna | Verona

This famous celebrity has her home in Italy, in Verona. She bought her home in Verona for $10 million. In fact, the people of Verona love to have a celebrity around once in awhile! If you’re visiting and come across the statue called “Madonna Verona”, know it has nothing to do with the pop singer. It was created by Cansignorio della Scala in 1368 as an hommage to the city itself!

Leonardo Dicaprio | Verona City Center

This famous actor has an apartment that looks over fair Verona’s Arena. This star did star in Romeo and Juliet in which the setting was Verona, so he has a heart for the area of Italy.

Willem Dafoe | Rome City Center

This actor is married to Italian director Giada Colagrande, and they own a home in Rome. He spends a portion of the year in Rome and says he speaks a little Italian.

Sophia Loren | Rome

This actress has an incredible home in Rome that she purchased with her husband. The home has 50 rooms and spectacular grounds.

Stars Living on the Italian Lakes

George Lucas | Passignano

This director and producer owns a home in Passignano. It is overlooking Lake Trasimeno, and it is situated on the hills. He purchased it for $6 million and then made many restorations to the property. It is 3 stories with wooden floors and bright lighting.

George Clooney | Lake Como

This stunning 22-room villa on Lake Como was purchased for $10 million. It lies on a narrow stretch of water and has spectacular views.

Famous Homes in the Italian Countryside

Colin Firth | Umbria

Firth is married to Italian Livia Giuggioli, and they have a home in Umbria. He loves to go to Italy to get away from the distractions and the paparazzi. He says he loves Italy and the fact that Italians are so close to their families.

Brad Pitt | Valpolicella

This actor owns an 18,000 square foot villa in Valpolicella. The home consists of 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym, a theater, 2 swimming pools, and a Jacuzzi.

Helen Mirren | Salento

The actress purchased the abandoned farmhouse and turned it into an incredible home. It contains huge fireplaces and a dungeon. The property is enclosed by olive trees, rose bushes, and a vineyard.

Frances Mayes | Tuscany

This author of “Tuscan under the Sun” renovated a villa in Tuscany. The author said she fell in love with the property and decided to buy it. She says that she sometimes writes her memoirs here.

Sting | Tuscany

This luxurious villa in Tuscany is situated on a monstrous estate. It is a 16th century home and contains 9 bedrooms, beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and stables. It is well-furnished and beautifully decorated.

Live like a celebrity

These celebrities in Italy enjoy stunning views, friendly people, and the fascinating culture of the country. The country is home to breath-taking scenery and gorgeous weather. It is a place of romance and intrigue, and it is an excellent place to call home.

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