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Tate Modern Tour | Semi-Private Experience

Max 6 people
2 hrs
Tate Museum
Refundable booking
Tate Modern Tour LivTours

Livtours Semi-Private Tate Modern Tour is an engaging, gripping, and exciting way to gain a deep and rich understanding of the works of modern art in Britain’s most visited art museum. Looming over the Thames river situated in a gigantic disused power is a The Tate Modern, one of the worlds largest collections of modern art, the building itself is in fact a work of modern art, and the space inside is a remarkable and groundbreaking environment to view legendary works from Picasso, Monet, Dali, Warhol, Liechtenstein and many more.

Not only displaying the established greats the Tate prides itself on showcasing new talent, with our small groups of under 6 your enthusiastic and expert guide will bring to life works of art that can often leave the first time visitor bewildered. For art enthusiasts and beginners, discover the stories and hidden meanings behind some of the most important pieces of art and leave understanding more about Modern art as a whole, the historic movements that inspired it, and  “why a five-year-old couldn’t paint that”.


  • See world famous Modern art works from Monet, Picasso, Dali, Worhol & Rothko
  • Discuss the stories, the techniques and the context behind Modern Art
  • Engage with an expert as they guide you through the museums' highlights
  • Understand the messages & meanings behind often bizarre or simple pieces of art
  • Maximise your time with small groups of under 6 on a two hour tour of the must see

Semi-Private tours and experiences are guaranteed six participants max.

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Our tour guides and staff are selected experts and speak perfect English

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Eco-sustainable tourism, designed to respect and support local culture, art and traditions

Your Livtours Semi-Private Tate Modern Tour is more than just a visit to a museum, it is a journey through Modern Art and its many movements. Your expert art historian guide will use your 2-hour experience to bring to life the highlights of the museum, explaining the most exciting and important stories behind some of the most famous and loved as well obscure and misunderstood pieces to ensure your experience is rich and fulfilling. Learn about Monet and Modern arts impressionism origins, discover more about Spanish-born Picasso and Dali, and how their work was shaped by modern conflicts, approach strange and unusual geometric shapes with an artistic mind, and emerge yourself in the world of the 1960s with Warhol. With small groups of just up to six take part in a discussion and share thoughts and the nature of art and ideas on artists from before and within our lifetime. Starting outside the gigantic brick power station that dominates London’s South bank, you will enter a building that has adapted and moved with the times like the works of art it hosts, and the city it calls home.

Designed originally by architectural giant Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (Designer of London’s iconic red phone boxes) described as an industrial cathedral this old power station has been beautifully restored to form not just an art gallery but a space to think and create. Opened in the year 2000 this creative space is one of 4 museums in the Tate collection, yet is the most visited in the country. Once inside your guide will open up discussion on the subjects to be explored and lead you with ease around the enormous space straight to the masterpieces. Engaging and learning you will become familiar with the lives of the artists, the different styles of different movements, and how to identify messages in works that have shaped the last 150 years and will continue to shape the future of art. Once you leave your guide you will be well equipped to continue your travels, understanding not only more about modern art as a concept but how the city of London deals with the old and the new.


  • Fully guided tour
  • Priority entrance into museum
  • Monet, Picasso, Dali & Wahol
  • Groups no larger than 6

  • Due to these unprecedented times and ongoing safety and regulation changes, some sites may have limited accessibility if the venue can not guarantee social distancing which may lead to unforeseen tour modifications. Thank you for your understanding.
  • LivTours’ group size of max 6 participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel and especially in these new times, we are proud to be at the forefront of the innovation, changes, and challenges that are presented to us during this post-pandemic time. At the moment, due to COVID-19 safety regulations, the museums and sites visited on this tour require wearing a mask while on the site. Please bring one for every participant over 6 years of age.

All LivTours Semi-Private Group Tours are limited to 6 guests per tour guide. Our commitment to maintaining our uniquely tiny group sizes can sometimes be a little tricky, mathematically speaking. For example, we want to ensure that traveling families and friends can tour together so on rare occasions we may add one or two guests in order to not split groups. On that same note, you may also find yourself on tour with less than six people! We thank you for your understanding and flexibility.



All of our tours and experiences are in compliance with the latest local Covid-19 safety protocols. More information can be found in the voucher you will receive upon booking your tour/s.