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This Tour is guaranteed at max 6 people per group
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Semi-Private Venice Walking Tour with St Mark’s

Max 6 people
2 hrs
Rialto Bridge Area
Refundable booking
venice walking tour

LivTours’ Semi-Private Venice Walking Tour with St Mark’s takes you through this enchanting city’s main highlights and through the magnificent Basilica of St. Mark. Your semi-private group of maximum six people is guaranteed to be small, allowing for your introduction to Venice to be intimate and personal. This walking tour winds through Venice’s serene canals and charming bridges, stopping along the way to discover the major sites that seem to be hidden throughout. Capture the essence of this floating city by seeing and experiencing some of the 118 islands that Venice is built around.

From the city’s most ancient church in Campo San Giacometto to the Renaissance art in San Giovanni Crisostomo, and all the seemingly secret corners in between. Find yourself in awe, both inside and outside of the ornately decorated and domed St. Mark’s Basilica. The Venice small group walking tour offers you a glimpse into Venice’s remarkable past and the opportunity to also experience its vibrant present. Your tour begins just as the morning sun starts to bring the city to life and locals gather fresh produce and seafood at the Rialto markets.


  • Engage with your guide thanks to LivTours small group sizes - max six people
  • Skip ahead of the line at St. Mark’s Basilica with our VIP privileged entry
  • Experience Venice with our local expert guide who speaks your language
  • Learn the stories and fascinating history behind the art & architecture of Venice
  • Explore Venice’s labyrinth of footpaths, bridges, hidden churches and squares

Semi-Private tours and experiences are guaranteed six participants max.

Our prices always include tickets and reservations fees (no waiting in lines!)

Our tour guides and staff are selected experts and speak perfect English

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Eco-sustainable tourism, designed to respect and support local culture, art and traditions

Your LivTours’ Semi-Private Venice Walking Tour with Saint Mark’s begins in Campo San Giacometto, a charming square, once the heart of Venetian financial and political activity. Your small group of curious travelers will meet in front of the church of San Giacomo di Rialto, the oldest church in Venice! Built in 421 AD, learn about the amazing history of this small church and about the miracle of its survival over the centuries. Admire Venice’s past while also observing modern Venetian daily life as people shop for their daily groceries in the bustling Rialto marketplace.

Just around the corner, your group will come across Venice’s most spectacular bridge, Ponte Rialto. Built in 1250, your guide will teach you about this bridge’s amazing story and the brilliance of its architectural design.  One of the most picturesque views of Venice’s Grand Canal and its boat traffic can be seen from the highest point on the Ponte Rialto. Snap a picture of this unusual morning commuter scene.

Onward through Venice’s characteristic labyrinth of small walkways, footbridges, and hidden corners, your guide will help you find your way as you turn corners and find yourself suddenly in quaint squares with churches and other noteworthy buildings. Listen to the incredible stories and delightful anecdotes about the influential families who both ruled over and contributed to the creation of this magical city.

Your group will continue to the heart of modern-day Venice, St. Mark’s Square. No guidebook nor picture can quite prepare you for the absolutely breathtaking architecture and imposing presence of St. Mark’s Basilica and the adjacent symbol of wealth and power, the Doge’s Palace. Even from the outside, these ornate, heavily adorned structures reveal the magnitude of Venice’s historical significance. Pre-arranged reservations allow your group to avoid waiting in long lines and go directly inside St. Mark’s Basilica. Once inside, you will be absolutely mesmerized by the golden glow of the mosaic tiles, detailed bronze statues, he painstakingly decorated domes and colorful marble patterns across the floor.  It’s here inside the Basilica that the diverse art styles spanning across both time and culture are especially evident.


  • Campo San Giacometto
  • Church of San Giacomo di Rialto
  • Rialto bridge
  • St Marks square
  • The Grand Canal
  • St Marks Basilica skip-the-line entrance

  • Places of worship have strict dress code requirements for entry. All participants are required to have shoulders and knees covered (no tank tops or short dresses) to enter.
  • There is no photography allowed inside St Marks Basilica.
  • Due to these unprecedented times and ongoing safety and regulation changes, some sites may have limited accessibility if the venue can not guarantee social distancing which may lead to unforeseen tour modifications. Thank you for your understanding.
  • LivTours’ group size of max 6 participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel and especially in these new times, we are proud to be at the forefront of the innovation, changes, and challenges that are presented to us during this post-pandemic time. At the moment, due to COVID-19 safety regulations, the museums and sites visited on this tour require wearing a mask while on the site. Please bring one for every participant over 6 years of age.

All LivTours Semi-Private Group Tours are limited to 6 guests per tour guide. Our commitment to maintaining our uniquely tiny group sizes can sometimes be a little tricky, mathematically speaking. For example, we want to ensure that traveling families and friends can tour together so on rare occasions we may add one or two guests in order to not split groups. On that same note, you may also find yourself on tour with less than six people! We thank you for your understanding and flexibility.



All of our tours and experiences are in compliance with the latest local Covid-19 safety protocols. More information can be found in the voucher you will receive upon booking your tour/s.

Wonderful tour in Venice

"Our guide Pamela was wonderful. We had no problem meeting up with her. We were a very small tour group. Just the two of us and Pamela. We are so happy Livitaly does not cancel for undersized groups. Our tour even lasted longer than advertised, we just enjoyed each other's company. The skip-the-line is a great option because we saw the long lines. It is so nice to have someone point out each area of interest and be so knowledgeable. Our tour ended with a wonderful recommendation for dinner. Thank you Pamela!"

Daisy - USA

Highly recommended

"This tour was excellent. Pamela took us on a tour of various sites in Venice including St. Mark's Basilica. We walked through the markets and across the famous bridges connecting the islands. Pamela explained the history and architecture of this beautiful city. This tour is highly recommended."

Boris - Russia

Venice - just fascinating!

"What a wonderful experience! Our tour leader was an archaeologist/historian and just enthralled us with the history, culture and archaeology of this fascinating city even pointing out small points of interest that in normal circumstances we would have simply walked past. The online booking, the app (which included maps, attractions and even a virtual reality tour) along with the communication was just part of one great service."

Elisa T. - USA


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