Private Carrara Marble Quarry Tour

1 hr 30 mins
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LivTours Private Carrara Marble Quarry Tour is an exciting,  adventure-packed day trip that offers a 360-degree overview of the marble that was so popular during the Renaissance. This experience will take you to the Marble Quarries of Carrara via Land Rover, making it a perfect family activity! Enjoy the thrill of this action-filled day at the quarries with your local expert guide who will tell you the details about Michelangelo’s favorite materials. This is a highly visual experience that is perfect for any art lover!

This truly unique experience is a fantastic alternative for families or history lovers who are staying in Florence and are curious to see a different side of Italy – a more adventurous one! Once in your Land Rover, your guide will take you up a bumpy ride to the quarry. With an up-close view, you will soon understand that this is no ordinary tour, this is an experience. Enjoy the stunning views as you drive into man-made marble caves and along scenic cliffs.

Pack your cameras for this exciting adventure!


  • Experience an active marble quarry site via Land Rover - a true Italian adventure
  • Learn all about Carrara marble, Michelangelo's raw material, where & how it is mined
  • Enjoy a Land Rover ride in the Apuan Alps with breathtaking views & amazing heights
  • Explore Carrara & Carrara marble with a private tour guide
  • Learn about 2000 years of history in one adventure filled Tuscan afternoon

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Your LivTours Private Carrara Marble Quarry Tour starts when you meet your expert guide in Carrara, a village in the Alps located in northern Tuscany. Your guide will meet you in a Land Rover as you experience the adventure of an uphill ride, take time to reflect on the gorgeous valley scenery below. We already know that true art is not for the faint of heart, but the rocky quarry roads drive that point home as you realize the enormous effort put into just getting the raw product.  No wonder Michelangelo used a discarded piece of marble, albeit a big one, to carve The David!

A massive mountainous quarry, entirely made of the famous grey-veined Carrara marble leaves you awe-struck with the realization that this is the building material of the great Roman Empire. This is the raw material of more epic and older masterpieces that Michelangelo’s David such as Rome’s Pantheon, Trajan’s column, and countless more. These quarries have been in use since Roman times and nearly 2000 years of art, architecture, and sculpture, and now is your chance to partake in that rich history!

Your guide will tell you stories that run the gamut of ancient Romans all the way to Renaissance greats like Michelangelo and Baroque geniuses such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini. These are the artists who made Italy the classical art capital of the world and this is the marble that helped them achieve their goals!

This Carrara Marble tour spares no expense when it comes to authenticity, as this is a functioning quarry you should expect to see crews digging deep into man-made caves for marble. Here you will learn about the contribution which Carrara marble has made not only to the world of art but also to the world of Italian oil.  Your private guide will share with you the stories from this mountain filled with 19 miles of marble.

The 2,000-year-old story of Carrara marble is not only filled with romantic tales of legendary sculptures and landscape beauty but a laborious effort that goes into extracting marble from the quarries and the local feuds which have ruled this area for generations. Find out the inside scoop on who holds the fortunes to the Carrara mines, about their clientele from past and present!

The views alone from the Apuan Mountains, an Italian mountain range in northern Italy not to be confused with the similarly named Alps, down across Tuscany are worth a visit alone. The opposing visual forces of the active mining area behind you, with the beauty of nature is simply a spectacular view like no other.

Come join us for a day of adventure and make memories to last a lifetime!

Once your tour is over, your private tour guide will take you back to your meeting spot to finish off your ultimate Italian adventure.


  • See where Michelangelo got his marble
  • Explore Carrara mines via 4-wheel drive
  • Fully guided experience

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  • Just fascinating

    The Carrara Marble Quarry, where Michaelangelo (and many others) went to get the marble slabs that then became the scupture masterpieces that we know, is a fascinating place. The chance to visit the Quarry, see how they cut the marble from the sides of the mountains and then transport these gigantic stones is extremely interesting and for both my husband and myself, an experience we won't soon forget. Thank you LivItaly for offering such a creative and fascinating tour!

    - Marilyn
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