Private Tour of Versailles Palace With Garden Access

2 hrs
Versailles palace
Refundable booking
Exterior view of one wing of the Palace of Versailles made of red brick with a blue roof

A private tour of the opulent Palace of Versailles allows you to go at your own pace while you discover the history, legends and decadence of 17th century court life.


  • Visit one of the world's most splendid royal palaces
  • Walk through the glittering Hall of Mirrors
  • Visit the State Apartments of the French King
  • See the Royal Chapel

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Your Private Tour of Versailles Palace begins at the shining Golden Gates. Your guide will be waiting for you with your pre-booked tickets, ready to accompany you directly into the palace.

Inside the Palace of Versailles

You’ll find it hard to believe that Versailles was just a hunting lodge until Louis XIV transformed it into one of the world’s largest royal residences. You’ll see the halls of the palace, famed for their decadence, like the glittering Hall of Mirrors and the State Apartments of the King; you’ll visit the private areas of the royal bedchambers and hear stories of the kings and queens who lived here.

Scandal and debauchery

Your guide will tell you all about the self-absorbed ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV, called ‘the vainest man ever’ by his courtiers and the young Austrian princess, Marie Antoinette, who was eventually forced to flee from the palace. Stories of scandalous love affairs, royal mistresses, gambling will come to life as you walk through the palace. How did the poor French people react to the rumors of extravagance and debauchery? After little more than 100 years, Revolution brought an end to the parties of Versailles.

Your tour of the palace ends as you step into the amazing gardens of Versailles. Your guide will tell you about some points of interest before saying goodbye, leaving free to explore and enjoy the incredible fountains at your leisure.


  • Palace of Versailles
  • The Golden Gates
  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • Royal Chapel
  • State Apartments
  • The Queen's Apartment
  • Access to Versailles gardens

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