Private Versailles & Giverny Experience | Royal Palace & Monet’s Gardens

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Your central Paris hotel
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Your LivTours Private Full Day Versailles And Giverny Experience will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the majestic gardens and home of one the world’s most renowned Impressionist painters, Claude Monet, and then whisk you away to the royal opulence of Versailles. All in just one day! This tour includes a private chauffeur to make your day even more comfortable.

This LivTours private experience is an ideal way to tour the Royal Palace and visit Monet’s Gardens in one day. This is an ideal experience for history buffs and art lovers alike. Your private chauffuer will pick you up directly from your hotel in Paris and drive you comfortably and safely to Giverny, a small town northwest of Paris. With skip-the-line tickets, you will visit the famous garden, known as the inspiration for Monet’s Water Lily paintings. Tickets will also include access to Monet’s house.

This double highlight experience also includes a guided visit to the magnificent palace of Versailles, and its famous gardens. With all-inclusive tickets and your personal 5-star guide, you will be able to enjoy the stories of the Royal Palace’s interiors and its impressively manicured gardens. You will get skip-the-line access to the Palace and go even deeper into the opulence and history of France’s monarchs.



  • Explore Claude Monet’s Giverny home and garden & personal collection of paintings
  • Step into one of Monet’s Water Lily paintings on a stroll through his Giverny garden
  • Relax in the comfort of a private chauffeured car with hotel pick up and drop off
  • Enjoy a guided visit of Versailles Gardens & the royal palace
  • Enjoy skip-the-line privileges at Versailles Palace & its most impressive rooms

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Your day will begin with a private luxury chauffeur who will pick you up from your hotel and drive you out to the quiet village of Giverny. Here you will have an intimate and inspiring time in the Impressionist Claude Monet’s former home. This is the Norman town where Impressionist Claude Monet drew inspiration for many of his best-known paintings like the Water Lily and Haystacks series.

A few rooms you’ll get to see in your visit include Monet’s bedroom, dining room, and living room. Each of these rooms has been meticulously detailed to look just as it did when Monet and his family lived here. You’ll also get to see Monet’s kitchen where the great artist would cook his favorite food every morning: omelets! The Monet family was so egg-crazy that they had a chicken yard near their home. Don’t be surprised if you spot a few hens frolicking near Monet’s house today.

Throughout Monet’s house, you’re bound to see many canvasses, Japanese woodblock prints, and rare artifacts. After your visit to Monet’s home, it’s time to take a relaxing stroll through his Eastern-inspired garden. As you walk over the romantic Japanese bridge, you will see the exact locations where Monet painted his extensive catalog of Water Lily paintings. Called Nymphéas in French, Monet’s Water Lily series consists of hundreds of paintings depicting Giverny garden at different times. This idea of “serial displays” went on to inspire modern artists like Andy Warhol who also showcased many paintings of the same subject with interesting variations.

At the end, you will have time to visit Monet’s tomb nearby his past residence. Pay attention as you leave his former home and you will see the inspiration for another one of Monet’s celebrated series – haystacks. Like the water lilies, Monet was intrigued at how light affected the haystacks in different weather conditions. Both of these series also highlighted Monet’s preference for painting outdoors.

Giverny is also famous for its cuisine! You will be given time to get lunch before getting back in your luxury chauffeured vehicle for the second part of the day at Versailles!

Your LivTours’ Full Day Giverny & Versailles Experience continues with a trip to Versailles and its famously vast gardens. Upon arrival, you will meet your private local guide guide who will first accompany you on an exploration of the Versailles gardens.

When you are finished exploring the garden grounds, your guide will sweep you inside Versailles Palace with priority entrance tickets, meaning you will not waste a minute in the usual entrance queues that often stretch for hours or more. Your guide will be sure to show you all the highlights, but of all the 2,300 rooms in this palace, the most famous has to be the 240-foot long Hall of Mirrors, complete with 357 mirrors. Imagine what it must have felt like back in the 17th century when visitors saw themselves for the very first time in a full-length mirror! Throughout the centuries, this hall was used for more than just vanity. It has witnessed many prominent historical events, including the signing of the Treaty of Versailles after WWI.

After visiting the marvelous Hall of Mirrors, your top rated private guide will lead you to the 18th century Royal Chapel, which is actually one of five churches on the property. Modeled on both Ancient and Gothic designs, the Royal Chapel is best known for its colorful ceiling paintings and its historic organ. Afterwards, moving from the sacred to the secular, you will visit the sumptuous State Apartment where the king would meet with various dignitaries every day. Finally, you will also have access to the more intimate areas of Versailles, including the king and queen’s former apartments and bed chambers.

At the end of your Versailles adventure, your guide will lead you back to your private chauffeur, who will whisk you back to your hotel in Paris.


  • Entrance tickets to Monets Giverney gardens
  • Guided visit of Versailles
  • Guided visit of Versailles gardens
  • Entrance tickets for Versailles Palace
  • Versailles garden and fountains tickets
  • Hotel pick up and drop off service
  • Chauffeured service between sites

  • While the Versailles tour is fully guided, the Giverny portion of the tour is unguided, unless you opt to add-on a full day guide
  • Comfortable walking shoes recommended.

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Make your experience even more unique by upgrading your LivTours experience. Please note: add-ons are non refundable.

Add Full Day Tour Guide
By adding a full day guide on board, you will enjoy the luxury of having an expert private guide accompany you for the entire duration of the day, providing you with comprehensive commentary of all the highlights as the day unfolds. In Giverny, your local guide can draw your attention to authentic artworks inside this home and will take the time to explain how Japanese aesthetics played a key role in shaping Giverny garden’s design and Monet’s later work. You’ll also learn incredible stories of how Monet continued to paint huge Water Lily canvasses even while suffering from cataracts. Your guide will accompany you and your chauffeur to Versailles, providing entertaining commentary and cultural tips along the way. Upon arriving in Versailles you will enjoy a guided visit of the gardens and the royal palace. Here you’ll learn fascinating stories about the hundreds of servants who would scramble to attend the king and queen's every need… including taking off their clothes and accompanying them to the toilet! In the queen’s former chambers, you will also gain a greater appreciation for Marie Antoinette’s profound influence on the evolution of French fashion.
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  • Very enjoyable day

    My husband and I decided to book this tour for our first visit to both Giverny and to Versailles. We were very impressed with the organization of the tour and very happy with our guide, Josie, who was a lovely person and very well prepared. I'm a Monet fan so seeing Giverny was a dream come true. Versailles was more interesting to my husband, with all of its splendor and history. We have given this tour 5 stars and will certainly recommend it to all of our friends.

    - Frieda
  • Versailles and Giverny

    We are so glad we booked this tour with LivParis (LivTours)! Both Versailles and Giverny merit a visit and doing so with one of the LivParis professionals really makes the trip worthwhile. Definitely worth the price.

    - MaryLee
  • A must-do tour

    We were comfortably transported in a private car to Giverny where we enjoyed seeing Monet's home and the gardens that so inspired him. Then on to Versailles for the royal tour of the palace and the gardens there. It was a great day and something we will fondly remember. Strongly recommend!

    - Wallis
  • Always dreamed of seeing these places

    LivTour's tour was awesome! I have dreamed of visiting Monet's inspirational garden in Giverny all my life. Being able to visit Versailles with a guide was so much more meaningful than if we had just rented those bothersome headsets. This tour ticked off two very important things on my bucket-list! Thanks LivTours!!!!

    - Dawn
  • Will definitely recommend

    When visiting Paris, you definitely should leave a day to go out of the city to see Versailles and Giverny. We knew we wanted to take this day trip but were hesitant about being able to get around easily since we don't know the language and don't have alot of experience on public transportation. Taking the private tour offered by LivTours was the perfect answer. We saw the best of the best and felt we learned so many things about all of the history which Versailles represents and about Monet, his works and his life story. We will definitely recommend this tour to everyone we know planning a visit to Paris.

    - Eleanor May
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