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LivTours Private Rodin Museum Tour allows you to explore the collection of what many refer to as the “French Michelangelo” with an expert private guide at your side. Auguste Rodin is certainly one of France’s most influential sculptors. The Museum, located inside the opulent Hôtel Biron, was occupied by other famous artistic Parisians like Cocteau, Matisse, Isadora Duncan, and Westhoff. Originally Rodin had rented just four south-facing rooms on the ground floor overlooking the unruly gardens, which influenced a number of his paintings, until 1911 when he took over the entire building.

Poor vision meant that a young Rodin could not follow lessons at school on the blackboard, so he took to drawing. This practice paid off as his improvement was notable and when he was 13 he started attending drawing lessons. Sadly, his application to the Fine Arts School of Paris was rejected three times, and, thinking he was not to be an artist, he pursued a career in decorative arts which entailed preparing public statues for the quickly modernizing Paris. This setback from his artistic career lasted nearly twenty years, making Rodin a man in his 40s before his sculptures were getting international recognition.

In the company of your private guide, you will have the opportunity to explore the extensive and charming sculpture gardens, as well as admire the countless precious artworks and artifacts from Rodin’s legendary career. With an expert LivTours guide by your side, you will learn the stories behind Rodin’s masterworks and his revolutionary technique.

Come explore the museum of who many would say is the pioneer of modern sculpture!


  • Discover Rodin’s vast collection of ancient artifacts and Impressionist paintings
  • Learn about Auguste Rodin’s most influential sculptures from your private guide
  • Savor the elegance of Rodin’s, other famous artists’ former studio - the Hôtel Biron
  • Explore a special museum wing dedicated to the trailblazing sculptor Camille Claudel
  • Walk through the heavenly and alluring sculpture garden perfect for picture taking

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Often considered the “French Michelangelo,” Auguste Rodin is unquestionably one of France’s most influential sculptors. The best way for tourists to fully appreciate Rodin’s genius is to book a tour of Paris’s Rodin Museum. Located inside the opulent Hôtel Biron, the Rodin Museum contains countless precious artworks and artifacts from Rodin’s legendary career. With an expert LivTours guide by your side, you will learn the stories behind Rodin’s masterworks and his revolutionary technique.

Your LivTours Private Rodin Museum in Paris Tour will begin inside the sumptuous Hôtel Biron, which is a short walk from Les Invalides. Auguste Rodin used this building as his primary studio near the end of his life. Shortly before he died in 1917, Rodin bequeathed thousands of his sculptures to the French government for safekeeping. The Rodin Museum now houses thousands of Rodin’s most iconic sculptures as well as archival documents, photos, and stunning artworks from Rodin’s personal art collection.

As you explore the many works housed inside the Hôtel Biron, you will learn how Rodin’s realistic style shocked the 19th-century art establishment. Amazingly, critics once speculated Auguste Rodin placed molds directly on human models to make his sculptures so lifelike. Rodin’s first major sculpture to spark this controversy was The Age of Bronze, which was partially inspired by Michelangelo’s Slaves.

While admiring the Rodin sculptures currently on display, take a few moments to look through the many photographs, paintings, and artifacts from Rodin’s collection. As Rodin achieved fame later in life, he began to acquire many significant works from the Ancient World as well as paintings by famous contemporary artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Charles Cottet. A few rare paintings that are sometimes on display include Vincent van Gogh’s Portrait of Père Tanguy and Monet’s Belle-Île.

In addition to housing Rodin’s sculptures and art collection, the Rodin Museum has a special wing dedicated to the work of Camille Claudel. A revolutionary sculptor in her own right, Claudel studied in Rodin’s studio in the late 19th century. If it’s not on loan, then you might get to see Claudel’s masterpiece The Mature Age, which some critics speculate was inspired by her affair with Rodin.

When you finish your tour inside Hôtel Biron, your guide will lead you outside to the beautifully arranged sculpture garden. Here you might get to see a few works from Rodin’s unfinished Gates of Hell series such as the world-renowned Thinker. You might also get to see a cast of the Burghers of Calais, which depicts a powerful scene of self-sacrifice during the Hundred Years’ War. Spend as much time as you need in this relaxing garden before heading back to the streets of Paris.


  • Entrance tickets of Rodin Museum in Paris
  • Guided tour inside with expert local guide
  • Rodins The Age of Bronze
  • Art by Monet, Van Gogh, and Charles Cottet
  • Works by Camille Claudel
  • Rodin’s Gates of Hell series
  • Rodins Thinker
  • Cast of the Burghers of Calais

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  • Seeing Rodin with Richard

    The Rodin sculptures are my favorites. Our tour with LivParis took us through the Rodin Museum to see his many works and the different periods of his life. It's not a large museum but our guide, Richard, was very well versed on the artist and his life and shared many insights into his artform. Having Richard with us made the experience much more interesting and memorable. Great job, Richard! Thanks!

    - EvelynJ.
  • Worth seeing with a guide

    The scuptures at the Rodin Museum are awesome! We were happy to have a guide with us to explain the significance of each one and to tell us about Rodin and his life. The guide was an art historian so very well knowledgeable and interesting. She made the visit much more meaningful.

    - LeeAnn
  • Excellent tour and tour guide

    Great tour! My wife insisted on seeing this museum and so I booked the tour with LivTours. Although Rodin isn't my most favorite, I found myself intrigued by his life story and what contributed to his art, as recounted to us by an exceptionally good guide, Josephine. She was knowledgeable and passionate and we were swept up in her enthusiasm. She also helped us understand how Rodin fit in with the other artists of his period, the backfighting and the politics of the time. Extremely interesting!

    - Alan
  • A museum worth seeing with a guide

    I have always been in love with Rodin's works and I am now even more so, after having taken the tour of the Rodin museum with LivTours. The guide Josephine was very knowledgeable and entertaining and just as "in love" with Rodin as me. I learned insights about his life and the stories behind the various works that we were seeing. The museum isn't very large but has a wonderful collection of art and the sculptures in the garden behind the museum are extremely interesting. I know I got much more out of visiting this museum with the LivTour company than I would have had I gone on my own. Definitely recommend

    - Roberta
  • LivTours is truly the best!

    We had booked LivTours' tours to both the Louvre and the Musee D'Orsay on a previous visit to Paris. This time, we wanted to see the Rodin Museum and knew that we would only do it with livTours. As in the past, we were extremely pleased with the organization, warmth and professionalism of this tour company and of their guides. There are some really wonderful pieces in the Rodin museum and our guide made this visit so much more meaningful. We certainly recommend this tour and this company to anyone visiting Paris.

    - Denise Dunn
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