Private Montmartre Tour | From Le Moulin Rouge to Sacré-Cœur

2 hrs
Blanche Metro Station
Refundable booking

Winding cobblestone streets. Artists painting outdoors. Fresh-baked baguettes. These are just a few of the sights and smells you’ll experience on a LivTours Private Montmartre Tour. From Le Moulin Rouge to the Sacré-Cœur, our expert guides will take you on a leisurely stroll up this northern hill stopping along the way to view the lovely vineyards, lively squares, and former Impressionists’ homes. With LivTours, you’ll get to experience all the charms this bohemian district has to offer at a relaxed pace.

Experience this charming neighborhood with an expert local guide by your side, who will fill your tour with anecdotes, history, and Parisian tales of art for a fun-filled tour of one of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris.


  • Stand in front of the inspirational site of countless art – the iconic Moulin Rouge
  • Stroll past historic apartments where Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh once lived
  • Soak in the artistic ambiance of the photogenic Place du Tertre
  • Savor a crunchy baguette in one of Montmartre’s celebrated boulangeries
  • Take plenty of selfies by the sublime Sacré-Cœur Basilica & its hilltop view

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Your LivTours Private Montmartre Tour begins outside the legendary Moulin Rouge windmill. Built in 1889, the same year as Paris’ World Fair Expo, this famed cabaret shares a birth year with the Eiffel Tower and is a symbol of Montmartre. Home to the risqué cancan dance, Le Moulin Rouge has been delighting visitors for over 130 years with its bawdy theatrics and sumptuous interior.

As you set off into Montmartre’s cobblestone streets, you will enjoy the intimate ambiance of this distinct neighborhood. This is especially true as you see the shops along the Rue des Martyrs, which legend has it was the very street the first bishop of Paris was crucified. Your LivTours guide will also draw your attention to Montmartre’s historic vineyard landscape, and the centuries’ old history behind some of the winemakers in the area. See a 100-year-old winery which is known throughout France for its autumn festival.

Interestingly, Montmartre was initially a tax-free haven separated from Paris by physical borders. This “outsider status” paired with cheaper rents attracted countless artists over centuries. On your LivTours Montmartre Tour, you will have plenty of time to take pictures by the former homes of artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso. You will also have the chance to stop by Montmartre’s oldest cabaret – Au Lapin Agile. Founded in 1860, Au Lapin Agile frequently hosted famous artists such as such as Edith Piaf and inspired paintings by the likes of Picasso and Utrillo. Thankfully, Montmartre’s artistic spirit isn’t just in the past! Keep your eyes peeled for contemporary painters and musicians entertaining guests in the Amélie-featured Cafe des Deux Moulins.

Before reaching Montmartre’s summit and the pure white Sacré-Cœur, enjoy a delicious slice of fresh-baked bread from one of Montmartre’s highly awarded bakeries. After loading up on crunchy carbs, it’s time to head up to Montmartre’s most famous church and enjoy unforgettable views of the Paris skyline. Although your LivTours adventure ends here, feel free to walk inside Sacré-Cœur after you have taken your requisite selfies.

Along with the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Cœur is one of the easiest landmarks to spot in Paris. Although both structures were built in the late 1800s, it took 40 years to complete Sacré-Cœur compared with two years for the Eiffel Tower. From the outside, your LivTours guide will explain why the church is called the “meringue”. Take a close look at the church’s Château-Landon stone exterior, a remarkable work of architecture and enjoy one of the most beloved structures in Paris.


  • Moulin Rouge windmill
  • Guided walk through Montmartre
  • Former homes of Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso
  • Au Lapin Agile
  • Cafe des Deux Moulins
  • Fresh French bread tasting
  • Sacré-Cœur (from outside)

  • Comfortable walking shoes recommended.

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  • Fascinating tour

    Such rich history in Montmartre!! Vivid colors and emotions. So many fascinating personalities that contributed to its history! We learned all this and more from our fantastic LivParis tour. Worth every penny!

    - Zach L.
  • private tour of Montmartre

    Since my husband has slight mobility issues we felt that it better to take the private walking tour of Montmartre so as not to hold anyone back. It turned out to be the very best solution AND the very best tour we have ever taken. Richard was our guide and he was so interesting and friendly. He made the stories and the characters of this colorful neighborhood really come alive. He was very attentive to my husband and made sure there were rest stops when needed. Even if you don't have issues, we think this would be a great tour for you!

    - Hillary
  • Walking tour of the Montmarte neighborhood

    What a cultural jump : from the Moulin Rouge to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, with so much in between! We enjoyed our guided tour of Montmarte very much and felt we got much more out of the visit than we would have had we done it on our own!

    - Richard
  • Wonderful tour!

    My husband and I are in agreement that this is a great tour for everyone - whether a first-time visitor to Paris or a long-time friend to the city. The Montmarte area offers so much history, so many fascinating stories and the ghosts of so many interesting artists, poets, authors, rebels and rousers, that it's one of the most picturesque places in the world. This was our impression after taking the Montmarte tour with LivParis. Our guide's knowledge was endless and she made history come alive for us. We were so enthralled, we didn't want the tour to end. Definitely 5-stars!!

    - Bonnie B.
  • Definitely recommend

    Talk about "from the sacred to the profane"......Montmarte has so much to offer that goes from the colorful history of the Moulin Rouge to the breathtaking beauty of the Sacre Coeur cathedral. Strolling the cobblestone streets, looking over the shoulders of street artists as they paint, hearing about the lives and adventures of the many famous (and infamous) people who once lived there. We enjoyed every minute of this tour and will definitely recommend it to anyone planning a visit to Paris.

    - Daniel
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