Private Cinque Terre Tour from La Spezia | Hike, Boat, Train & Sightsee

7 hrs
La Spezia Train Station
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cinque terre tour

LivTours’ Cinque Terre Tour is a unique way to explore this charming stretch of the Italian coastline from top to bottom.  Composed of five towns or ‘lands’ was the origin of the name Cinque Terre – five lands. You will visit two or three (or more—depending on how much time you spend in each) of these colorful seaside towns on this comprehensive full day tour in the best way possible, by train, by ferry and on foot. With your LivTours expert guide by your side, you can focus on simply enjoying yourself without worrying about the logistics.

Riomaggiore is perhaps one of the most photographed, with its pastel houses beautifully nestled in the townscape as though carved out of the cliff side. Marvel at Manarola’s picturesque swimming harbor and enjoy a short hike up to Corniglia, where you can see the surrounding vineyards and panoramic views. Visit Vernazza, with its church on the water and marvel at the town of Monterosso, where you will enjoy some free time and light lunch, soaking in all the beauty and charm you have seen. Experiencing all the best of Cinque Terre, you’ll quickly understand why this part of the world was made a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Your LivTours guide knows how to explore Cinque Terre just as it should be, like a local. Come on a journey to experience the cliffside pastel hues of the towns dotting the coastline as their reflection dances on the Mediterranean!


  • Explore the beautiful Italian Riviera by visiting three Cinque Terre seaside towns
  • Ferry, train and hike on this unique private tour to a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Savor a light lunch and enjoy some free time along your journey between towns
  • Soak up the scenery as your private guide tells you about past & present on the coast
  • Choose where to explore: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso

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Your LivTours Cinque Terre Tour starts at La Spezia Train Station where you will meet your expert guide.  The area’s natural beauty will make you quickly realize you are on a vacation of a lifetime, so get your camera ready, this will surely be a day to remember.

Each of the five seaside towns of Cinque Terre has its own special charm and your LivTours expert guide will seamlessly take you from one to another, stopping at two or three depending on how much time you pass taking in the winding streets of each! Taking into consideration the terrain and distance, you will move from town to town by the best possible method – ferry, train, or hiking. What you will immediately notice about these Italian Riviera towns is their incredible and diverse landscapes with mountainsides cleverly terraced, like big steps cut into the side of the mountain face.   Without space to spare, you will see terraces with small olive groves and vineyards, as well as the pretty pastel towns perched up high or hidden in ravines along steep cliffs.

The seaside towns are small but full of details and worth a stroll as your LivTours guide points out the highlights. Riomaggiore boasts a vibrant main street, a romantic street called Via dell’amore (Love Street), as well as a 13th-century castle. There is also the equally charming Manarola, which is a picturesque town with a swimming harbor and a culture for wine drinking by the sea—they have more grapevines than any other village in Cinque Terre to prove it. The town of Corniglia is especially known for its breathtaking views of the coastline due to its high elevation. Vernazza is the only town not located directly on the beach, the only way to get there is by walking down the Scalinata Lardarina, a long winding staircase that takes you down to the sea. Vernazza is one of the more historic fishing villages in the area and home to the Cinque Terre’s only proper harbor. The workout is worth seeing this colorful bell-tower town.  Lastly, there is Monterosso al Mare, the only town in Cinque Terre that allows cars, but there is also plenty of nature and a beautiful walk to be had.

Come enjoy a day of town-hopping as you experience the Cinque Terre in all its glory with an expert by your side!


  • Private tour guide at your complete disposal
  • All tickets & fees to attractions & transportation
  • Scenic views of the Cinque Terre
  • Free time to shop and eat

  • In order to provide a tranquil, authentic, and in depth experience, we estimate you will have time to visit approximately two to three of the five cinque terre.
  • We recommend you wear comfortable clothing. Except on the hottest days of the year, it is wise to bring a light jacket or sweater if you are cold natured. Sunglasses, sunscreen and water are also advisable for a comfortable tour
  • Once train tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable and do not fall within the refund criteria of our cancellation policy. We cannot guarantee that all travelers will sit together, especially for last minute bookings.
  • From November 1st to April 1st there is no ferry service. If you book within this time frame please be aware you will only move by train and hiking.
  • Please note that all ferries are dependent on sea conditions. If there are bad conditions the ferries will not run. In this case, you will move by train and hiking.
  • Tours run rain or shine. We recommend coming prepared if rainy weather is expected.
  • The itinerary may change order depending on weather conditions such as rain and extreme heat.
  • The itinerary described above is a suggested order of the various experiences. These may vary according to your personal requests or preferred starting time. 

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