Private Catacombs Night Tour in Rome

2 hrs 45 mins
Santa Maria Maggiore
Refundable booking

LivTours Catacombs Night Tour in Rome will let you explore after-hours St. Agnes, an exclusive ancient burial ground in Northern Rome, and off-limits areas of the papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Imagine being alone in the Catacombs while your private guide helps you discover the hidden passageways of this ancient underground space beneath Saint Agnes Basilica. LivTours’ exclusive long-standing collaboration with the catacombs allows you to explore this historic landmark in all its mystery without the crowds!

The church of Saint Agnes that we are able to see today is the church built by Honorius I in the 600s (yes, 1400 years ago!). This church is built on top of several others that came before it and like its predecessors, it too is built into the hill which houses the catacombs where Saint Agnes was buried. It was in 1728 when her grave was discovered and from there further excavations have uncovered the catacombs that you can see today. The church itself is elegant with its ornately decorated ceiling, golden mosaics, but what is not to be missed is the 7th century mosaic of a young St. Agnes. Your private guide will make sure you see all of this and hear the intriguing history behind them.

In Santa Maria Maggiore, access the otherwise off-limits loggia and descend a magnificent spiral stone staircase designed by Bernini, before going underground to see an anicent roman domus, or “home.”

Come spend an evening discovering another part of Rome on this exclusive after-dark tour!


  • Enjoy a private tour of Rome’s catacombs after they close to the general public
  • Revel in the crowd-free catacombs & Basilica at night with LivTours exclusive access
  • Listen to engaging anecdotes and history from your private expert local guide
  • Savor the luxury of a chauffeured private car to and from the Saint Agnes Catacombs
  • Enjoy the under-rated and under-visited splendor and history of Santa Maria Maggoire

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Your LivTours Private Catacombs Night Tour in Rome starts with a guided tour of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, including exclusive access to the church’s loggia and a spiral stone staircase designed by Bernini. Then, you will descend underground, and visit an ancient roman home that was found and excavated under the church!

Once you have finished exploring the Santa Maria Maggiore, you and your tour guide will be escorted to the Catacombs of Rome by private chauffeur. At the catacombs, you will enjoy LivTours exclusive priority access and have the luxury of enjoying a tour after closing hours! You will explore the crowd-free Saint Agnes Catacombs completely on your own with your private tour guide sharing with you the history of this Christian burial ground.

When you arrive at the Catacombs of Saint Agnes, your private guide will explain the life of Saint Agnes, her importance for Catholics, and why numerous works of art have been dedicated to this young, Christian martyr. Walking into the gorgeous courtyard, you will quickly understand the value of this cultural heritage piece. The site is dedicated to Saint Agnes, a young noble girl who chose to remain chaste, declaring Jesus was her only spouse, refusing the son of a prefect. Sadly, the Romans were not so excited about her dedication to her faith and she was handed over to the authorities and sentenced to death by beheading. Currently, her bones are kept in the Saint Agnes Catacombs (Saint Agnes Basilica Outside the Wall) while her skull rests in Piazza Navona’s Saint Agnes Basilica. Saint Agnes is most often depicted with a lamb by her side.

You will descend three tiers of catacombs to get an in-depth look at the ancient burial grounds of the past. You, your group, and your guide might possibly join other LivTours groups as you wind your way down into the depths of the catacombs with an on-site expert guide of the Saint Agnes Catacombs who will provide a full explanation of what lies below ground.

Once you are back at ground level, your guide will lead you to Saint Agnes Outside the Walls Basilica, built in honor of St Agnes, just over the very spot where her remains lay. The basilica is part of a larger, burial complex that is also home to a mausoleum dedicated to Costanza, Emperor Constantine’s daughter. Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to allow Christianity in the Roman Empire and both his daughters, Costanza and Helena’s remains are buried here. Venerated with priceless 4th-century mosaics, some of which display earlier depictions of Jesus – with long hair and a halo – as he is often still depicted today.

This is a unique experience where you will be completely on your own in this often crowded basilica thanks to LivTours exclusive collaboration. Your Catacombs Night Tour will end with a chauffeured drive back to your starting point in the city center. Your Private Catacombs Tour at Night gives you exclusive access to the Saint Agnes Catacombs after closing time so that you and your guide get to explore the burial grounds on your own! This is a unique LivTours experience which few people get to enjoy.

Your Private Catacombs Night Tour in Rome ends in the comfort of a chauffeur-driven van which takes you back to your starting point.


  • Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Private chauffeur
  • Exclusive night entry into the Catacombs
  • Basilica of Saint Agnes
  • After-hours entry into Mausoleum Of Costanza
  • Return ride to Santa Maria Maggiore

  • Offered in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Please specify under “Additional notes” if you wish to book the tour in a language other than English.
  • Places of worship have strict dress code requirements for entry. All participants are required to have shoulders and knees covered (no tank tops or short dresses) to enter.
  • There is no photography allowed in the Catacombs of St. Agnes. 

LivTours’ group size of max 6 participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel, and we are proud to be at the forefront of change and innovation in the industry.  LivTours is committed to providing travelers with truly sustainable tours with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while supporting the local industries and people of each unique destination. To learn more about how you can actively support sustainable tourism  and how LivTours is contributing, click here.


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  • Amazing what is underground Rome

    The catacombs are fascinating and even a little spooky. It's just amazing how many there are and how extensive they all are. Having taken the private tour, there was special attention given to our kids, who thought the whole experience really cool! We couldn't have been happier with this tour. Strongly recommend!

    - Maggy
  • Captivating

    The tour guide was great. Very informative and you could tell he had a passion for what he does. Enjoyed the exclusive access to private rooms. It's quite captivating. Recommend this tour: very historically impressive and worthy in all respects.

    - Peter S.
  • Highly recommend

    We loved the Catacombs night tour we booked through LivItaly. Shannon was so much fun and so knowledgeable. We've taken tours where the guide is just following a script. Shannon's tour was so much better!! She was really into the subject matter and her enthusiasm was contagious. The catacombs are fascinating and it's amazing that there is still so much to see after all these thousands of years. We highly recommend this tour and this tour company!

    - Betty Ann
  • A must do

    Very interesting and enjoyable tour. Shannon an excellent guide. An history major as many of the Livitaly guides have been. We had the catacombs to ourselves as we had special permission to enter after hours. We also had unique access to additional areas. A must do on any trip to Rome

    - Lisbeth
  • Unique experience

    Luca was an excellent guide on our Catacombs night tour. We had exclusive entry into catacombs and learned so much about this particular aspect of ancient roman life. A very interesting and unique tour!

    - NealS.
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