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This Tour is guaranteed at max 6 people per group
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Paris in a Day Tour with River Cruise | Semi-Private Experience

Max 6 people
7 hrs 50 mins
Blanche Metro Station
Refundable booking

LivTours Paris in a Day Tour with River Cruise is a fantastic way to see the highlights of Paris if you are limited on time in the City of Lights. This semi-private experience is led by an expert local guide and a group of up to six travelers.   Taking you from the Sacré-Cœur Basilica at the highest point in the city, through the artistic neighborhood of Montmartre, which was home to many famous artists such as Renoir and Picasso, as well as being the home of cabaret venues is just the start of this comprehensive full-day tour.

Including skipping the line entrance tickets to the Louvre Museum, a walking tour of the Ile de la Cite (the island in the Seine where Notre Dame is located) to a relaxing cruise along the river to Gustave Eiffel’s most famous construction, the Eiffel Tower. Your expert local guide will share with you the highlights of the Louvre Museum, including da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, take you inside the Sainte Chapelle, a Gothic church that is mainly stained glass windows, and the main facade of Notre Dame.  This is the most comprehensive day tour in Paris!


  • Enjoy the comfort of a private chauffeur to see all of Paris highlights in one day
  • Stroll past historic apartments where Picasso, Renoir, and Van Gogh once lived
  • Stand in front of the world's most popular portrait: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
  • Feel the romance in the air as you cruise across the River Seine
  • Take photos near the most iconic Paris sight – the Eiffel Tower

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Your LivTours Paris in a Day Tour begins when you meet your guide outside the legendary Moulin Rouge windmill.  This semi-private tour consists of an expert local guide and up to five other travelers aside from yourself.  With a reduced group size you have direct contact with your guide so you can easily ask questions, maneuver often, crowded venues more easily, and meet like-minded travelers.

The Moulin Rouge is certainly one of the most iconic buildings in Paris. Your guide will explain the history of this cabaret venue opened in 1889, the same year Paris hosted the Universal Exposition.  This incredible time in history when the camera, telephone, electricity, and the Wright Brothers were flying, was a time of great change in Europe, and a tour of Montmartre with a history steeped in the great artist of the time is like a walk back in time.  The Moulin Rouge was a symbol of the changing times that were not only precluded to inventions but in society as well.  The Moulin Rouge was built just at the edge of the racy Montmartre neighborhood allowing gentlemen of the upper classes to see a cabaret show easily.

Just behind the Moulin Rouge, the whole atmosphere changes from glitzy Time Square to charming cobblestone streets reminiscent of French villages. In fact, until recent times, Montmartre was a village separate to Paris, which is what attracted young artists like Renoir, Van Gogh, Picasso, and writers like Ernest Hemmingway to this area at the turn of the 19th to 20th centuries.  Being outside Paris, meant cheaper rent, more space, and the amazing light from its position sitting above the city of Paris.  Your expert local guide will show you some of the lesser-known features of the neighborhood, like the historic vineyard that still produces wine every year, which is known throughout France for its Harvesting Festival that is held in the fall.

On your tour of Montemartre, you will see the former homes of artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, and Picasso. And, a stop at the oldest cabaret venue in the city, Au Lapin Agile is a must.  Not only did greats like Edith Piaf perform here, but the venue is also featured in paintings by the likes of Picasso and Utrillo. This neighborhood is still home to a thriving artist community, so do not be surprised if your guide points out contemporary painters or musicians during your tour.  These artists can often be seen entertaining guests in the cafe called Place du Tertre which featured as a key setting in the film Amelie.

Your tour continues to Montmartre’s highest point, where you can enjoy the most unforgettable views of the Paris skyline.  Set on top of this hill is another iconic building, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.  Located at the highest point in the city, the all-white basilica is often referred to as the meringue by locals, was built at the end of the 1800s, and sits at the top of Paris’ most risque neighborhoods.

Next, your expert guide will accompany you and your fellow travelers to the infamous Louvre Museum.  With LivTours priority access entrance tickets, you will skip the often long lines entering a world-class museum that holds over 35,000 pieces of art.  Your guide will make sure you see the most important highlights giving you a comprehensive visit without overwhelming you.  You will see marvelous Greek sculptures, like Venus de Milo to dramatic Delacroix paintings, your guide will take you to all of the Louvre’s most inspiring masterpieces, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

After finishing your visit at the Louvre, it is time to set out on foot to visit one of two islands located in the middle of the Seine River.  The bigger of the two islands is called the Île de la Cité by the locals.   Strolling through Place Dauphine, one of the most elegant squares in Paris will bring back memories for Woody Allen fans as this was featured in his film Midnight in Paris. Your guide will explain the more than a thousand year history of this square.

Known to have existed since Roman times, some 2000 years ago, holds some of the city’s most charming buildings, including the spectacular Sainte Chapelle. This small church, once used by the French nobility for masses, hosts floor to ceiling stained glass windows making it feel as though you are walking into a larger than life jewelry box.  Each of these colorful windows tells a story from The Bible.. Your expert guide will explain how Sainte Chapelle acquired Christ’s Crown of Thorns.

After admiring the sun-filled Sainte Chapelle, it is now time to hear a few of the darker tales of Paris’ past as you explore the former prison of Paris (from the outside). Traveling back in time, your guide will explain the bloody days of the French Revolution, painting a picture of Marie Antoinette’s last days before meeting her fate under the guillotine.

Next, it is on to see one of the most famous monuments in Paris, their beloved Notre Dame Cathedral.  Though temporarily closed due to the fire that engulfed the roof and attic in 2019, you are now able to get close to the Cathedral’s main façade which was untouched by the fire.  Your guide will help you discover the intricate carvings in the Gothic arches of the doorways, explain the architecture and bring you up to date on its reconstruction.

Now it is time to enjoy a floating visit as you board the river cruise that will take you along the Seine River to the Eiffel Tower.

Boarding at the historic 17th century Pont Marie Bridge it is time to sit back and relax as you see some of the most important monuments glide past you.  While your guide points out the most important place and regales you with the history and anecdotes related to them, you can enjoy a delicious freshly made crepe filled with French chocolate.

During your time on the water, you will see are the Conciergerie (former prison where Marie Antoinette was held); the Académie Française, home to the French language governing body; the Musée d’Orsay, now a museum holding Impressionistic art it was a former railway station; the Hôtel National des Invalides, dating back to the 17th century this still active hospital for injured or disabled war veterans; and, lastly, the monument built for the 1893 Universal Exposition, the famed Eiffel Tower.

Your River Cruise will end at the Eiffel Tower, where your guide will end your tour but not before prepping you with just enough info to be able to enjoy this 1889 wrought-iron masterpiece on your own for the rest of your afternoon.

Either between Montmartre and your entrance to the Louvre Museum or after your museum visit, your guide will suggest places for a light lunch.  Please note, lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

Travelers who would like to enter the Eiffel Tower can do so by adding this on to their visit at the time of booking.  LivTours can provide tickets to the second floor, which is the highest level you can reach. This is the perfect place to admire cityscape views of Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacre Coeur. Once your booking has been processed, a member of our Customer Care Team will reach out to you with entrance time options, as all tickets are timed.


  • Montmartre Morning Tour
  • Metro Ride & Tickets
  • 2 hrs Louvre Tour with skip-the-line tickets
  • Lunch break
  • Ile de la Cite Tour
  • Saint Chapelle with skip-the-line tickets
  • River Cruise with snacks on board
  • End at the feet of the Tour Eiffel (tickets opt)

All LivTours Semi-Private Group Tours are limited to 6 guests per tour guide. Our commitment to maintaining our uniquely tiny group sizes can sometimes be a little tricky, mathematically speaking. For example, we want to ensure that traveling families and friends can tour together so on rare occasions we may add one or two guests in order to not split groups. On that same note, you may also find yourself on tour with less than six people! We thank you for your understanding and flexibility.


Make your day even more unique and comfortable by upgrading your tour with a customizable LivTours optional add on!

Tickets to Eiffel Tower: 2nd tier
Guests who want to continue their tour can opt for Eiffel Tower tickets at an additional cost. LivTours will provide tickets to the second floor, which is the highest level you can reach before going all the way to the top. This is the perfect place to admire cityscape views of Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacre Coeur. If you add tickets to Eiffel Tower tickets at booking, you will be contacted soon after by our Customer Care Team with options for timed entries.
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Best tour ever taken

"We had brought the family to DisneyLand Paris but, of course, wanted to show the kids the city as well. The Paris in a day tour with LivParis (LivTours) was our choice and everyone in the family thoroughly enjoyed it. We saw the highlights of the city, visited the Louvre, walked around various areas to get a better feeling for the character of the neighborhood, even saw the city from the river during the short (but fun) river cruise. Our guide Richard was brilliant and connected with the kids right from the beginning of the tour. He kept them engaged with facts and stories and asked them lots of questions to keep them interested and entertained. This was surely one of the best tours we have ever taken."

Victor - UK

Best guide we've ever had

"If you have a day to dedicate, this Paris in a day tour is very comprehensive, relaxed and enjoyable. We were in a group with just another couple so interaction with them and with the guide was very easy. The guide, Ferit, was one of the best we have ever had. So intelligent but not at all stuffy or stand-off-ish. He obviously enjoys what he does and takes pride in making our experiences the best possible. He certainly succeeded! Thanks Ferit and LivParis!"

Brandy - USA

Day tour with river cruise

"We took this tour with Ferit, who was a wonderful guide: very knowledgeable about all things Paris, past and present, and very charming as well. Our group consisted of ourselves and 3 other people, so only 5 people in total. The tour hits all of the major attractions and includes a fun cruise through the center of the city on the Seine. We learned many things about the city and came away with greater appreciation for its vast history and beautiful architecture. Definitely worth the cost."

Patrick - Australia


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