London Gin Tasting Experience | Private

2 hrs 30 mins
Seven Dials
Refundable booking

LivTours Private London Gin Tasting Experience experience is a delicious, fun, and luxurious way to uncover the incredible stories behind the iconic British drink. With your expert private guide leading you on your tour, experience the best local and hidden spots, and discover the legends of a drink that nearly brought down the city. Amble across the Covent Garden as you dive deeper into the stories of a tipple that has risen from rags to riches, earning its place as an international household favorite. Sampling 4 different gins, and various establishments, from historic pubs to eccentric gin emporiums, you will absorb not only how to make this iconic beverage but the amusing and often dark history behind what became known as the ‘Gin Craze’.

Though more importantly than all of the above your private guide and expert will leave you knowing exactly how to pair your gins with your mixers and garnishes, bound to impress any dinner guest! From its small-scale origins to becoming the favorite poisoning of the rich and the poor, Gin was historically a victim of its success. Found in wealthy gambling dens to the gutters of East London’s poor, bootlegged in the 18th century, and exported to the furthest reaches of the empire. it gained a reputation immortalized in art film and literature, and the world has been thirsty and intrigued ever since. Drink and learn how this historic drink is here to stay.


  • Sip in style a variety of delicious Gins from the classic to the daring
  • Meander the historic streets of London’s with your own private gin expert
  • Enjoy the luxury of fashionable Covent Garden on a Private Gin experience
  • Understand the tradition & complexity behind the ever so elegant gin & tonic

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Kick off your LivTours Private London Gin Tasting Experience in the west end of London at Seven Dials. Your tour takes you through the beating heart of 18th-century bohemian London, a hive of tiny alleyways and grand shopping streets, its charm and magic have captivated writers, actors, and singers for centuries, though the elegant splendor lived side by side with the opium dens of China towns and the debauched theaters and gin parlors of old. Your guide will navigate through this beautiful and vibrant district taking you on a journey through 400 years of London’s history via its most celebrated drink, Gin. Starting at a local you will be following in the footsteps of regulars from the past from bare-knuckle boxers to Oscar Wild. It is a perfect little spot to get to know your local expert over a drink as they introduce the fascinating and hedonistic story of Gin.

From its origins as a Dutch medicine to the world-loved spirit we enjoy today, the story of Gin mirrors the life politics of the city’s history. As you sample this refreshing and botanical beverage your guide will share stories of the beloved spirit that gained the unfortunate name “mothers Ruin” and how the drink’s origins lie in a British rivalry with the French, how for the best part of the 18th century the children of London were drinking up to three pints of neat gin per week. Discover how London, a supposedly moralistic driven, and respectable city became famed for intoxication (a reputation that has proven hard for Londoners to shake off) where as soon as it was created more than 7,000 gin bars opened up in the city alone.

Venture into the netherworld of cabarets and top hats, with Gin tasting locations that could be film sets, from elaborately eccentric Gin Palaces to the local and rather hidden historic pubs. As you stop for tasting after tasting, follow your private guide as they masterfully navigate you through the streets of the dandy west end to continue learning about this history of the classic British staple. Learning not only about how the drink is made, the effect it had on London but also how its imperial exportation found it an unlikely pairing, tonic, though most importantly how best to drink a gin and tonic.


  • Sample 4 unique gins in 4 classic locations
  • Covent garden
  • Seven dials area
  • Private guided experience

  • Due to venue imposed age restrictions, this tour is only available for those aged 21 years and older.


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  • Gin experience

    Very enjoyable evening with LivTour guide, Learned all about gin making and its history. Tasted quite an array of different types. Had a fun time chatting with the guide and getting his take on Brexit and other world issues. Very enlightening!

    - Donald
  • Very enjoyable evening

    My wife and I really enjoyed this evening learning all about gin and tasting different varieties. We thought the guide was very well prepared and thorough. Ended up sharing stories from our travels and hearing about his very interesting life. We've even kept in touch, now that we are home. Very pleased with the tour, with the guide and with the company's organization.

    - Howard
  • Best evening spent while in London

    What a great time we had! Didn't know there was that much to learn about gin making but it's actually quite fascinating. The tastings were fun and interesting too. Very friendly guide spent the evening with us and we felt we were with an old friend. One of the greatest evenings spent while in London.

    - Thomas G.
  • Had a great time

    What a kick! Thought I knew gin but realized, after this tour, all that I was missing. Such different tastes, so many different ways to make it, quite an interesting history!! The ambience was perfect and our guide, Thomas, really knowledgeable about the subject AND alot of fun to be with.

    - Murry
  • Great fun, great guide!

    I don't know what we enjoyed more: the gin tasting or just experiencing the different ambients at the different pubs and hearing our guide's colorful stories! No matter what, it was an amazing experience that we won't soon forget! Thanks LivTours!!

    - Letizia
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