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Liverpool St Station
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Hidden London Tour East End LivTours

Your Livtours Private Hidden London Walking Tour will explore the darker side of London’s history. London is a city of Royal beauty and financial power and was once the Capital of the world. Yet its past is often a dark one, with the poorest Londoners crammed into foul conditions in the shadow of the gleaming city, Londons East is a fascinating area full of old stories of plague, murder, misery, and gangland. With your very own private London guide at your side, venture into the now trendy and cosmopolitan East End to uncover the grisly past of London of Old.

Wind through the narrow always in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and stand in the sight of Europe’s largest plague pit, where the unfortunate victims of the black death were thrown in to be forgotten. Amble through the brick-housed lanes of a neighborhood terrorized by the sound of air raid sirens have nazi planes rained down fire from above. Drink in pubs frequented by some of the 20th century’s most famous suited and booted gangsters. The East End is home to the most famous Londoners real and fictitious. Learn about how they shaped this iconic area, how this distinct neighborhood is so different it has its slang/language, and most importantly the grim and dark tales that shape London’s past.


  • Hear tales of the grim and the gothic, murder and misery with a private london expert
  • Wind through the dark lamp lit streets of East London on a 2.5 hour private tour
  • Follow in the footsteps of London’s most infamous visiting crime scenes & plague pits
  • Discover the London of the most famous Londoners in this unique district

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Livtours Private Hidden London Walking Tour is the perfect way to properly explore the infamous East End of London with your very own personal London expert at your side. Now a trendy area packed full of historic pubs, hipster cafes, and street art-covered co-working spaces, the East End has a dark and troublesome past. Behind the young and fun facades are a world of dark alleyways, brick streets, and grisly tales of London’s dark past. Once just outside the city walls, The East End was an open sewer where the poorest of the poor scraped a living, vilified by the city dwellers and forced to live in terrible conditions, this area became popular with new immigrants arriving in London. The working classes of this area formed their own identity out of their misery and are a famous type of Londoner known as the Cockney or East Ender. Follow their struggles from times of plague, religious persecution, torture, and execution, to the making of a modern murderer.

Follow a local expert on your private tour to see the most out of this fascinating neighborhood and even grab a beer at a local East End pub. Start your tour just next to Liverpool Street station and wind down the alleyways once stalked by some of the biggest names in British Crime, passing former plague pits and Victorian market places, uncover the secrets and legends of some of the darkest chapters in London’s history. See real-life murder locations of the infamous East Ender Jack the Ripper, and learn about the Ganglords of 1960s London the Kray Twins. There is no better way to learn about the myths, legends, and real-life horror of the past than with your very own personal London Expert with you on your very own private Hidden London Walking Tour.


  • Private walking tour of East End
  • Follow Jack the Rippers murderous trail
  • Hear stories of WWII blitz
  • Learn about Londons plague pits
  • Fully guided storytelling tour

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  • Great route, Great guide

    London is an awesome city to see, and it is full of very interesting history. Charles, our guide, was very informative about the city, and he was able to keep the tour fun and interesting. I will definitely go on the route he took us on the next time I am in London.

    - Ian
  • Unique walking tour

    A very interesting and educational tour. Tour guide Thomas made it even better. A unique experience we won't soon forget.

    - Davida
  • Learned so much

    Amazing tour that reveals so much of London's history. We loved every minute and will tell all our friends and family.

    - Wilma
  • Can definitely recommend this tour

    My wife and I felt that this tour was very creative and unique. There is quite a lot to learn about London which isn't right there in front of your eyes, or even in the tour books for that matter. Our guide Mary was very professional but also a wonderful story teller and she had us enticed from the beginning to the end. We learned many new facts about London and the many important people who have influenced the history of the city. This tour was definitely the highlight of our stay in London.

    - William T.
  • Very comprehensive visit into London's history

    We feel this tour really gave us a very unique and all-encompassing feel for London and its residents. Knowing the thousands of years of history that makes the city what it is today is especially interesting. There's alot of sadness and strife just as there's alot of beauty and treasures. Our guide Thomas was particularly good at recounting all of these stories to us and giving us insights into the city that we certainly wouldn't have had otherwise. My wife and I felt we enjoyed and got so much more out of this tour than we would have on a simple tour of the city highlights. We will recommend it to all.

    - Laurel
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