Exclusive Private Pompeii Tour: Highlights of the City of the Dead

2 hrs 30 mins
Pompeii Train Station
Refundable booking

LivTours’ exclusive private Pompeii tour is perfect for history enthusiasts captivated by this remarkable Ancient Roman province that was devastated by the eruption of the nearby Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii is undoubtedly one of Italy’s most well-preserved archaeological sites and a must-visit destination.

Founded around 80 BC, Pompeii was tragically buried under 6 meters of ash during the catastrophic eruption in 79 AD, erasing it from maps for over a millennium. Rediscovered in 1599 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Pompeii spans 163 acres, with 42 of them yet to be excavated. Uncover the captivating history of this ancient port town and the ongoing excavations that continue to resurrect its story and significance.


  • Learn about how Mount Vesuvius destroyed an entire thriving population
  • Enjoy exclusive LivTours direct skip-the-line access with no waiting on line
  • Marvel at the incredible mosaics in lavish houses of prominent residents of Pompeii
  • Learn from a LivTours expert guide, who is also a trained & active archaeologist
  • Discover the incredible story behind the life and times of this ancient port town

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Our tour guides and staff are selected experts and speak perfect English

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Join the LivTours private Pompeii tour with your personal guide, where you can share your interests for a tailored experience. Benefit from priority access to Pompeii, maximizing your time with your guide and at the site.

LivTours’s guides are carefully selected, many being archaeologists or part of the first excavation teams. As insiders, they can share with you some of the most amazing anecdotes, discoveries, and stories about Pompeii and its surroundings. Your tour starts with gaining insights into daily life in Pompeii before the eruption, offering a vital link to learning about ancient Roman civilization.

Stroll through the Pompeii Forum, the heartbeat of this once-port trading town while your guide explains where residents lived, worked, and found their entertainment. As an active port town, Pompeii had its share of wealthy merchants who lavishly decorated their homes with frescos, mosaics, and the latest architectural designs. Your guide will make sure you get to see the best of them, as well as the two most popular attractions – the House of Sallust and the House of Julia Felix, perfect examples of Pompeii residential structures.

By the end of your private tour, you will have a clear picture of what the streets looked like on that decisive day 2000 years ago when Mount Vesuvius unexpectedly erupted. LivTours private Pompeii tour gives you a unique look at this true archaeological gem, an extraordinarily preserved peek into ancient history.


Make your day extra special by adding on a wine tasting and lunch at a family-owned Pompeii winery.

If you want to see a bit more of the area, why not add on a visit to a nearby family-run vineyard set in the Vesuvian hills? Your guide will leave you with your private chauffeur who will whisk you away to the vineyard. Starting as a winemaking hobby three generations ago, this vineyard is rooted in tradition and produces exceptional wines that somehow seem to capture the aromas of southern Italy, in a glass. The generations that run it today are turning their grandfather’s dreams into reality.

Upon arrival, you will be met by a vineyard guide and given a tour explaining the bio-dynamic techniques used in production, as well as some of the ancient Roman techniques still used to this day, such as terracotta amphora containers. Get a glimpse of the wine cellar, the vineyards, and even an excavation site right on the property.

Wine and food always go together in Italy. After enjoying a wine tasting of three local wines, you will enjoy a light three-course meal. Enjoy the moment and revel in the stories, the landscape, and, of course, the wine of this third-generation vineyard.

Once your tour, wine tasting, and lunch are done, your private chauffeur will take you back to the entrance of the Pompeii excavation site from which you started.


  • Skip the line into Pompeii site
  • Fully guided tour
  • Pompeii theatre
  • Forum of Pompeii
  • Roman bath house
  • House of Sallust
  • House of Julia Felix
  • Mt Vesuvius view

  • Pompeii is an ongoing excavation site. The suggested itinerary might encounter some changes depending on the archaeologist’s daily duties.
  • Offered in: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Please specify under “Additional notes” if you wish to book the tour in a language other than English.

LivTours’ group size of max 6 participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel, and we are proud to be at the forefront of change and innovation in the industry.  LivTours is committed to providing travelers with truly sustainable tours with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while supporting the local industries and people of each unique destination. To learn more about how you can actively support sustainable tourism  and how LivTours is contributing, click here.


When you book a LivTours Private Tour or Experience, you are guaranteed a dedicated, expert guide that allows you the flexibility to start your tour at a time which is convenient for you, making planning easy. Our private tours ensure that you will get a tailored experience to meet all your needs so we go at your pace, perfect for families with younger children, elderly, or individuals with accessibility needs. Please be advised that all private tours begin at a base price starting at two people*. Prices are inclusive of entry tickets where applicable. *Some Ferrari private experiences are inclusive of one person only.


Make your experience even more unique by upgrading your LivTours experience. Please note: add-ons are non refundable.

Round Trip Dedicated Chauffeur Options
With this add-on a private chauffeur will be at your disposal for the entire of the tour, allowing you to leave any extra bags in the car and save time getting to and from the tour location! A driver will pick you up directly from your hotel's lobby in Naples, Sorrento, or Rome and drive you to the meeting point where you will be greeted by your tour guide. The car will wait for you throughout the tour and provide any necessary transfers and at the end bring you back to your hotel. Guarantee stress-free.
starting from 350 €
Lunch and Wine Tasting
The ultimate experience in the Pompeii area: a fantastic wine tasting and lunch made from local products with a tour of the estate where they produce some of the most exquisite and authentic wine of the area. Transport to and from this gourmet experience is included.
starting from 250 €

  • LivTours Pompeii Private Pompeii Tour: Highlights of the City of the Dead

    Our LivTours guide was awesome. She was full of knowledge, and was an amazing leader of our group. She did a great job engaging all of us and keeping us interested. She did a good job at keeping the group together and making sure we could all hear her. We changed our private tour to only visit Pompeii.

    - Keith M
  • Cannot thank you enough!

    We cannot thank you enough for all of your help planning our travels in Rome, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. Everyone was on time, friendly and made our travels seamless and easy.

    - Maureen
  • Fascinating Pompeii

    We thoroughly enjoyed our Private Pompeii walking tour with Livitaly Tours. We did the private tour because we booked last minute but our experience with Livitaly is that their small group tour would have been just as good. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. I had been to Pompeii once before years ago but I learned much more on this tour. We have taken multiple tours with Livitaly and all have been great. There is of course a lot of walking on this tour but worth the effort. One of the best ways to see and learn about the tragic end of this city and what life in ancient times would have been like.

    - Wayne
  • Multimple tours with LivItaly

    My husband and I booked 4 private tours with LivItaly based on reviews we read and the service we received before we arrived. Each of the guides was excellent--Dario (Vatican), Ima (Pompeii), Mike (walking tour) and Giulia (Roman Forum and Colosseum). We learned so much from our short time in the area and were treated like royalty while making lovely new friends at the same time. We highly recommend this company.

    - Jules J.
  • Unforgettable tour of Pompeii

    Everything about our first tour to Pompeii was great and it would not have been possible without the great guide we had. Thank you LivItaly for an experience of a lifetime!

    - Petra
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