Private Colosseum Guided Tour with Underground & Ancient Rome Reviews

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Just brilliant

I was blown away by Marco and the tour. He was fantastic with my mum; knowledgeable and passionate about his role is an understatement - he was fabulous. Thanks to the experience we had with Marco for our tour, yours will be our 'go to' company and I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking to book a tour.

- Alison

Being in Ancient Rome

We had a lovely tour (in German) with Julia. She made us feel very welcomed and comfortable straight away. We felt she had a great knowledge of the history and architecture of the Colloseum and the Forum Romanum. At the end of our tour she suggested a little spot for lunch and also that we check out the local farmers market close to circus maximus on the weekend. Loved the farmers market! Would definitely tour with her again!

- Gerrit

Amazing day in Ancient Rome

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Luca. We laughed, we learned, and had amazing experiences that we will never forget. I will always book through LivTours

- Margie B.

Greatest way to experience ancient Rome

We chose this tour with the possibility of going underneath the Colosseum and we felt we had a much more complete experience, thanks to it. You can't just wonder around down there (for obvious security reasons) but it's amazing what is still there from more than 2,000 years ago. The building of the Colosseum was an amazing engineering feat and to be able to see "behind the scenes" was just awesome. We were also very happy to have had such a great guide. Her name was Giulia and, as a history and archeology expert, she was just a fountain of information and fascinating stories. The Colosseum and Forum represent the heart of roman history -- do it right and take this tour!!

- Kay Cook

Fantastic experience

We splurged for a private tour and, boy, were we happy we did! To have our wonderful guide, Davide, all to ourselves; to be able to set our own pace and spend more time where we wanted and less where we were less interested; to stop, rest, take pictures whenever we wanted -- it was a luxury and a complete joy! Especially since to visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, you're talking about alot of ground to cover and alot of history to take in. We know this company also does small group tours which might have been just as satisfying but when we saw the bigger group tours and the looks of boredom and exhaustion, we were even more convinced that we had spent our money well and got the best possible experience!

- Kathy L.

Incredible experience

We were particularly curious to see underneath the Colosseum and we were not disappointed. They don't let you just wander around (security reasons) but we saw the incredible elevator system that was used to bring people and animals up to the arena, our guide pointed out some really amazing feats of engineering that went into the building of the Colosseum and we just got a much more complete idea of what life in ancient Rome times might have been like. It certainly made the entire experience much more meaningful and memorable!

- Nick

Highly recommended

At the end of this tour, my husband and I both commented on how lucky we were to have been on a private tour instead of in a group. We strolled through the Colosseum and Roman Forum with our guide, Davide, and it was like we had spent the day with an old (and very knowledgeable) friend! We had a wonderful time and will not hesitate to tell all our friends about the tour, this company and Davide.

- Willard

Absolutely the greatest tour and tour guide

Our tour guide was Santi and he was absolutely fantastic. When we went underneath the Colosseum we were accompanied by a colosseum guide (security reasons) who was also very good. Back up on top with Santi, we learned so much about ancient roman times and what everyday life must have been like back then. Extremely interesting! Our imaginations were going wild as we strolled through the Forum and Santi pointed out the various buildings, temples and cobblestone roads. It's amazing how much is still standing and how, with a good guide like Santi, you can imagine you are back in that era. We will always remember this tour very fondly.

- Leah

Unforgettable experience

We had a fabulous time on this tour! Being on a private tour makes what you are seeing and learning about so much more meaningful. Our guide, Davide, was a total joy to be with and was very knowledgeable about ancient Rome, architecture and archeology. We couldn't have asked for anything more!

- Jordan

Thanks LivItaly

Going underneath the Colosseum made this tour extra special for us. You can't help but be in awe of the construction and engineering feat that went into this marvlous site. Our guide (Gio) was very good at describing life in ancient times so that while walking through the Forum, we could just imagine what life would have been like at that time. We wouldn't have gotten as much out of our visit if it weren't for this tour and our great tour guide.

- Shawn