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Louvre express edition

My family and I enjoyed our tour but a few things to note which I shared feedback with LivTours. The tour description says 1.5h for the highlights of the Louvre. In actuality, our tour of the museum was 1 hour. For the price we paid, we felt 1 hour was just not enough time to cover the highlights although we appreciated getting ahead of the lines. The first 30min was waiting for the doors to open with minimal instruction of what to expect once inside. Please do ask for your physical or e-copy of tickets before the guide ends the tour. This allowed us to take our time in the museum and re-enter areas that we wanted to spend more time in at our leisure. Thank you to our kind and patient guide and hope this constructive feedback helps future tours run smoothly.

- LC

An Awesome Tour

This was our first trip to the Louvre. We were lucky enough to be the only people in the tour group, and were even more fortunate that Violette was our tour guide. She explained the history of the Louvre and the art pieces in a fascinating, engaging way. Violette really knows her facts! We would highly recommend Violette and LivTours to anyone interested in touring the Louvre.

- Dave

Informative but, also, fun!

Our favorite part was meeting our tour guide, Oliver. Oliver was not only informational & engaging, but was fun during our tour to around the Louvre and to see Mona Lisa.

- Greg

Perfect Louvre Highlights

We toured the Louvre with another couple and our guide, Adam. Wow! LivTours is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about art history. Adam was able to separate the large aspects of the Louvre into smaller pieces so that we saw both highlights, like the beautiful Mona Lisa, and also hidden gems. This was exactly what we were looking for with this tour. I highly recommend LivTours and Adam!

- Maria

Amazing tour for art and history lovers!

I went to the Louvre with my children and we had a great time thanks to our guide, Taylor. She was extremely informational and shared interesting stories about the Louvre. We told her we were traveling to Versailles the next day and she included stories from the Louvre that would give us better context for our visit to Versailles. Our friends in Paris booked a Louvre visit with a different tour company and their guide did not provide history of the palace and museum, unlike LivTours. My kids were engaged during the whole tour and we got great photos. If you love history and art, I highly recommend this with LivTours!

- Brandy

Exceptional Tour of the Louvre with Veronique, 5*!

We booked the LivTours Semi-Private Tour of the Louvre. Our tour guide Veronique was great and made the day enjoyable. She was highly knowledgeable and gave us an outstanding tour to the main art exhibits at the Louvre. She was the best guide we could have asked for. I had such a lovely day and I'll always remember it. Thank you, Veronique!

- Caroline

Best tour we’ve ever had in the Louvre

Our tour with Adam was great. Adam had good insights on the highlights of the museum's art pieces. He was pleasing which allowed us a deeper understanding of what we were viewing. Adam shared his knowledge on important aspects between Greek and Roman sculptures, such as Mona Lisa and many other pieces. Thanks for a great tour!

- Bonnie

Awesome Private Tour of the Louvre Museum

The private group tour of the Louvre from LivTours was one of our favorites from our time in Paris. Our guide, Ferit, was great, experienced, informative, and engaging. He did a good job of bringing us through a two hour overview of the museum which included a stop to see the Mona Lisa when it wasn't busy. I highly recommend this tour and ask for Ferit as your guide. Thanks LivTour!

- George

Expert guide to the best of the Louvre

My family booked this tour for our first time visiting the Louvre and it was great. We met with our tour guide before the Louvre opened to make sure that we were at the front of the museum line. Before the Louvre opened, our guide, Ana, shared with us the history of the Louvre and its architecture. She went over the entrance procedures and security so we could get into the Louvre fast. The doors opened and Ana led us through the halls of the Louvre to get to the Mona Lisa. Ana kept encouraged us to keep up the pace and in the end it was worth it. My family was first to enter the room that had the Mona Lisa and we were able to enjoy it and get some beautiful photos. After the Mona Lisa, Ana continued to walk us through the rest of the Louvre. She managed to always stay one step ahead of the crowds. We accomplished so much in our Louvre tour with Ana. After the tour, we stayed in the Louvre. We walked past the Mona Lisa and other pieces and by seeing how busy they were, it made us appreciate Ana and her experience!

- Kathleen

A once-in-a-lifetime experience (we will take again!)

Ferit was a great guide for this memorable day. The fun lessons began as we waited for the Louvre to open, and Ferit was good about accessing the quickest route to enter the exhibit. I was not expecting to be the first to see Mona Lisa that morning, and it brought much happiness. Ferit also taught us art theory, history, and important cultural shifts on a number of pieces of art. He made us laugh and most importantly, told us about the humanity behind the works. Our day with Ferit helped us see exhibits in an entirely new light during the rest of the day. It was an outstanding experience.

- Amanda