Essential Rome Combo | Colosseum & Vatican Semi-Private Tour Reviews

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Rome in a Day

Paola was such an outstanding tour guide!!! Her knowledge was above exceptional, if we had questions outside of the “norm” she was able to answer them without hesitation. She kept the tour on track still allowing us plenty of time to observe everything without feeling rushed. She had the BEST attitude we could have hoped for in a guide. I would recommend her and this company to everyone.

- T. Sullivan

Rome in a Day

My friend and I had a wonderful time on our Rome in a Day tour with Chiara and enjoyed our experience and all the sites we saw. Chiara was very knowledgeable about all the sites we visited, and the history she told us was neat. We can definitely recommend this tour and Chiara to everyone coming to Rome.

- Stacey and friend

Rome in a Day

I wanted to share that we had the absolute best tour we could possibly imagine last week for our Rome In A Day tour with Sabrina. We really lucked out with Sabrina. She is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge and put us at ease the entire day. I feel such a kinship with her, and we are so grateful to have a deepened appreciation for Rome. What an amazing experience. The tour is great for getting in as much as possible in one day and we felt so lucky to have Sabrina guide us through the Eternal City! Will definitely recommend both tour and guide. Thanks

- Elizabeth Linden

Great intro to Rome

Did the Rome in a day tour which included a morning small group Vatican tour and half day Colluseum tour. Both had excellent guides with extensive knowledge. Would highly recommend especially if you are short on time.

- Mat

Great tour of Rome with LivItaly

Frederica was a great tour guide for first half of our day at the Colosseum and Roman Forum! Knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. Jade was equally great for the afternoon at the Vatican. Take this tour to enhance your Rome experience!

- Cathleen

Rome in a day

So much history, so much to see and learn. There’s no way you can pack it all in with one tour, but our guide Giulia did an amazing job. She was very friendly, and super knowledgeable about every aspect of this enchanting city: its history, art and architecture and culture. She even gave us a list of her favorite restaurants, and the two that we tried were amazing! LivItaly gets my praise- highly recommend, especially if you are visiting Rome for the first time.

- Filomena

This is the tour you want

If you are on the hunt for a great tour in Rome, stop scrolling and book with LivItaly. Dario was our tour guide and he did such an amazing job. We did the Rome in a Day tour and it was a full day packed with so much interesting history. My boyfriend and I only had one full day in Rome so we wanted to pack in as much as possible without having to spend time waiting in lines. Dario was knowledgable, fun, and definitely made us feel like we got the most out of our day. We were initially daunted by the price tag but it is well worth it, and more. Thank you, LivItaly. We will definitely be booking with you again.

- Kristine

A great way to see the best of Rome

Truly a marvelous experience. The tour was divided into two segments – morning in the ancient Roman ruins with the afternoon spent in Vatican City. Francesca was our morning guide – an experienced archeologist by day and part time tour guide on the side. (She has a PhD and actual archeological expedition experience in 4 different ancient cities!) Her knowledge of the area was simply spectacular. And Massimo was our guide thru the Vatican. His awareness of the art history (legends, facts and fiction) was unparalleled. He pointed out things within the paintings that only a trained historian could recognize. We were truly inspired and grateful for their time. The only downside I would give future participants is: this is a L O N G day and you cover many miles in those shoes. So, make sure you have snacks in your pockets and appropriate footwear. (Leave the cute sandals in the suitcase!)

- Candy

Rome highlights with Sandro

Our Day Tour with Alessandro (Sandro) was awesome!!! He was very informative and happy to answer any questions we had! He was very knowledgeable on all topics we discussed throughout the tour and more!! I highly recommend using LivItaly Tours for your travels! Thanks again Sandro!!!

- Travis' family

Best tour of Rome

Maria Helena was our tour guide and she was absolutely the best guide I have ever had. Her knowledge of all the places we went was amazing and you could tell she knew what she was talking about because she was able to answer all our questions. The small group tour was the way to go. We had a couple of ladies that were in their 70's and she ensured that they were okay during the tour but also ensured my son and I were getting what we wanted as well. She was such a pleasure to be with, we were sorry when it was over. I would recommend this tour and tour guide to everyone!

- Roslynn L.