Deluxe Private Paris Art Tour | Musee d’Orsay & Louvre Reviews

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Paris Art Tour

Everyone told us we needed to make sure to see the Musee D'Orsay along with the Louvre while in Paris. The tour we booked with LivTours was a chance to see both museums with a expert guide and the experience ended up to be one of the highlights of our trip. We saw the most important pieces in both museums in a relaxed and very enjoyable setting. Our guide was not only an excellent guide but also a very lovely person and we enjoyed talking with her about all sorts of things -- not just art! We have given this tour 5 stars but would give it more if it were possible!

- Quincy

Excellent tour in all ways

We really enjoyed this Art Tour offered by LivParis. There is so much to see at the Louvre that having a guide is absolutely necessary but by doing this more complette "art" tour, our guide (US born, art historian, resident in Paris for 10 years) brought ALL the masterpieces that we saw in both the Louvre and the d'Orsay to life! We were able to appreciate the various artistic styles, the influences they had on each other and heard interesting insights on each of the artists' lives - in other words, things that we wouldn't have learned about had we not taken this tour. There wasn't a moment when we weren't totally enthralled! Great tour!!

- Howard Orr

Beautiful day in Paris

You can't go to Paris and not visit the Musee d'Orsay and the Louvre. But there is just SO much to see, the whole experience can be overwhelming. That's why we were so pleased with the Art Tour we took with LivTours. Our guide, Josi, was exceptionally prepared and passionate about the masterpieces we were seeing. Her enthusiasm was definitely contagious! We had a great time and highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Paris.

- Jackie

5 star tour

Great tour! Super guide! Awesome art!!! Definitely 5 stars!

- Roland K.

Best way to see the art in Paris

The list of famous artwork that we wanted to make sure to see when in Paris was very long. LivTours art tour was just perfect. It allowed us to see all that we wanted with a friendly and knowledgeable guide to help us navigate the various museums. We went home with memories we will cherish forever. Thanks LivTours!

- Cheryl F.

A wonderful art tour

We thoroughly enjoyed our art tour with LivTours. Our guide Ferit was superb. Extremely knowledgeable about the history of the art and the artists and he gave us many insights that made each work even more memorable. He set the perfect pace and was very warm and friendly. All in all, a perfect afternoon spent seeing the best of Paris' art and architecture!

- Doris

Fantastic way to explore the art in Paris

The beauty and art to discover in Paris is endless and to get the most out of our visit, we booked LivTour's Art tour which provided us with a fun and very knowledgeable guide to show us both the D'Orsay as well as the Louvre museums. We were NOT disappointed! The visits to both museums were so much more meaningful and being able to have a guide who pointed out interesting insights about both the artistic style as well as about the artists, made the experience infinitely more enjoyable and memorable. Thank you LivTours! Brilliant tour!!!!

- Turner