Is Uffizi Gallery worth visiting?

In my opinion, the answer is absolutely yes! If you are someone who enjoys seeing famous historic artwork, I guarantee you will agree as well.

I visited Uffizi Gallery just last weekend with my study abroad program and the experience was entirely worth it, especially for someone visiting Florence for the first time! Before going to the gallery, I didn’t know much about it and I wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as I walked up the stairs to the second level of the museum I was instantly blown away by the exquisite paintings, intricate statues, and beautiful architecture of the building itself.

The gallery contains various forms of artwork created between the Middle Ages and the Modern period, including many pieces from the Renaissance. It was so incredibly amazing to be able to see such renowned pieces of artwork with my very own eyes including the Duke and Duchess of Urbino, the portrait of Martin Luther, and the Birth of Venus. It is one thing to see photos of such pieces, but it is a whole new experience to be able to actually view in such close proximity. My personal favorite room in the museum was the Sala Della Niobe (Niobe’s room) because of its beaming gold ceiling that one could gaze at for hours at a time. I simply did not want to leave! In addition to the intricately crafted ceiling, the room displays 17 marble statues including Niobe and her children. The statues enhance the overall appearance of the room by providing a sense of power that each displays through their robust stance. Walking throughout this room evoked a feeling of magic that I have never felt before!

Another sight in Uffizi that I found particularly astonishing was the Tribune, which is an octagonal room filled with paintings, sculptures, and ancient artifacts. The room walls are elaborately decorated with seashells and vibrant red velvet, making it very aesthetically pleasing to look at especially in combination with its marble floors. Though you can’t actually step foot in the room itself, it is still worth viewing from a distance!

If you ever find yourself in Florence, make sure that Uffizi Gallery is on your list of things to see. There are countless masterpieces that you definitely do not want to miss!